Card of the Day: King of Cups


Today’s draw is from Paulina Cassidy’s Joie de Vivre deck.  This deck is a very whimsical and fantastical deck and it has a very Tim Burton meets the world of Faerie feel to it.  Each card has a name and a story to go along with the traditional interpretation of the card.  This King is named Serenity and he’s described as a healer.


This king radiates power.  It’s a calm and quiet strength.  You won’t find him shouting in any kind of conflict, he’s the figure who calmly presides over a chaotic situation without letting anyone get hurt or overly distressed.  He stands ready to listen and offer counsel when you ask.  I particularly like the dichotomy of motion and stillness I read in this card.  The arc of his magic from the bowl over his head to his open and outstretched hand gives me the impression of a a graceful circle dance, but the rest of his posture is that of a fixed point, a confident and steady stance.

There’s also a wonderful gender fluidity to this king.  He is wearing a gown that reminds me of Queen Elizabeth with that ruffled collar and the ruffled over dress, and there are hearts all over it.  You can see the blending of energies here.  He tells me that gender is performative and that it exists on a spectrum, it’s not a fixed point, we can all move around as we feel comfortable on that spectrum.  I also like that he is filling almost the entire space of this card.  He reminds us that it’s okay to take up space, even if we don’t fit that exact mold that our culture tells us we must fit.  Wear your dress, speak your truth, and trust your heart.  Take up Space.

As a message for the day he reminds us to take time to heal ourselves when we need to. He offers his gentle but powerful healing magic and reminds us to care for ourselves and our hearts.  He is showing us that our emotions and feelings (the water in the cup) can be transformative (as it becomes light, water into steam into magic).  Let yourself engage in some creative emotional work, don’t shy away from it and it can illuminate you.  Also don’t be afraid to express yourself, whether that’s wearing a giant Elizabethan dress or busted sneakers and your favorite T shirt.

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