Card of the Day: The Empress


Today’s card comes from the Happy Tarot by Serena Ficca

IMG_0455This card has a lot going on and there are a bunch of details that I adore about it.  It’s almost hard to know where to start!  I enjoy all the elements the artist has included from the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, like the crown of stars and the pomegranates. But what I love most is that she kept the elements but still were able to give this card her own spin.

This card has an almost Disney-like feel to it, with all the happy animals gathering around the figure in the middle.  The Empress is a nurturing, supportive figure: she’s meant to balance the strong leadership of the Emperor.  As I do when talking about gendered cards, I like to avoid characterizing them as necessarily male or female.  Just as you can have a woman in your life represented by the Emperor, the Empress could indicate a man.  It’s important when reading the cards to try to think of these figures as energies not tied down by traditional gendered norms.

This card shows fertility everywhere!  So much is growing and existing in harmony in this sun-soaked setting.  The card flows smoothly from the burst of new life of the spring bunnies to the late summer abundance of that wheat field.  The sweet Empress is overseeing everything here with a sense of excitement.  She encourages you to nurture your own creative urges, whether that’s writing a novel or mapping a new bike trail.

The crown of stars on her head represents hope in the new creation.  The Empress will support and encourage you to get out there and Make Things!  Create!  Bring new life to your world.  This is a fantastic card to see when you’re starting some new creative venture in your life.  It’s also a fantastic card to see when you’re looking to help others.  Always be sure to consider both aspects of the card: it might be an energy to support your own plans or it could be a call for you to support someone else’s.

As Neil Gaiman famously says:  “Make Good Art.”

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