Card of the Day: Seven of Cups


Today’s card is the Seven of Cups from the Night Vale Tarot

Today’s card depicts everyone’s favorite scientist, Carlos!  This card img_0544depicts that terrifying moment where Carlos went into The Condo.  In case you haven’t heard the episode (and I encourage you to do so if you haven’t, it was an amazing episode!!) Condos appear for sale in Night Vale and Carlos goes to investigate them and possibly buy one for himself and Cecil.  The condos draw people in, showing them images of things that they are fascinated by–for some it’s a lost city in a jungle, for others it’s endless rows of scientific equipment.  In each case the person must choose between this perfect fantasy life that is only an illusion or their real life which might be disappointing but is real.

It’s an imperfect summation of the episode, so here’s a quote that I think helps capture the energy of the moment.  Carlos has stepped into the Condo, as you can see in the card, and Cecil has come to bring him back.

“And there was a moment. There was a moment, dear listeners, where I considered it. I considered joining Carlos and becoming perfect. But I’ve come to know something after these months together with dear Carlos.

Perfection isn’t real. Perfection isn’t human. And Carlos is not perfect, no. Even better — he is imperfect.

Everything about him, and us, and all of this, is…it’s imperfect! And those imperfections in our reality are the seams and the cracks into which our out-sized love can seep and pool. And sometimes we are annoyed, and disappointed, and that too is a part of how love works. It is not a perfect system, but…

Oh, well.

And so I resisted.

I fought off the vision of the shrouded figures and the dark planet and all that was perfect and I held close to imperfection.

To my imperfection.

And to my imperfect Carlos.”

Condos – Welcome to Night Vale

The Seven of Cups is a card of many choices.  In this depiction there are so many Condos!  So many ‘perfect’ lives that you can pick from.  Standing there and seeing them all could paralyze you.  You know that by making a choice, even if it looks like a really good choice, it means that you are not choosing one of the others.  The Night Vale Seven of Cups reminds us that is is important not to be paralyzed by fear of making the wrong choice.

In some other depictions of the Seven of Cups a person looks at a selection of cups all with exciting things in them, and the message there is to not get lost in wondering over all the possibilities and forget to act at all.

The Night Vale Seven of Cups is a little different.  With the condos the choices aren’t exactly exciting, they’re kind of terrifying.  This card is showing you a choice between a perfect imaginary life where you give up your free will or a real life that you choose but might be imperfect.  Do you embrace the imperfections like Cecil or do you let yourself get lost in the dreamworld?

In your life you’ll make choices and some might mean disappointment, but it is better to choose and continue living than to get so trapped in fear of losing that perfect life that you don’t live any kind of life at all?  Make your choice.

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