Tarot: A jumbled beginning

Reposting this from my other blog, this is the story of how I got into Tarot!

Arboreal Rainbow

As I was thinking of starting this post, I was thinking of a line something like “I’ve been interested in tarot since…”. But then I thought about it and I can’t remember exactly when I ‘got into’ tarot. In a way, it’s like a queer coming out story: they always used to start with ‘I always knew I was different ever since I was a child’. And, honestly, mine just doesn’t. Mine was more like ‘I never even realized that I could possibly be gay until I fell madly in love with this awesome girl’ :3.
Daily drawing -The Lovers

It was sorta like that with Tarot.  When I was a freshman, there was this girl a few rooms down who had tarot decks.  She once offered to give me and a few of my friends readings.  At that point I didn’t know pretty much anything about tarot and I was more interested in…

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