Weekly Readings

Weekly Readings from Wooly Witchy

Okay, so that title is a little tongue in cheek.  But yes, here’s a bunch of awesome tarot content that I’ve been reading lately and I thought I’d share it on the blog!

Tarot Journalling: some friendly advice and 50 creative prompts by Kelly-Ann Maddox.

I, like a lot of people, struggle with keeping a journal.  I’ll do really well for a while and then I taper off, but this post was a great kick in the pants to try again and it had some great ideas about how to expand on journalling practice you’re already doing!  Also I fell down the rabbit hole of her site and read a TON more, so definitely browse around while you’re there.

Just one more this week, from the Daily Tarot Girl – What’s missing in your Tarot reading, a great reminder that what isn’t showing up can be almost as important as what is showing up.



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