Deck Review: Prisma Visions Tarot

  A Wooly Review updated (1)

Today’s deck review is for the Prisma Visions Tarot by James R. Eads

This deck was another one that just grabbed my attention immediately.  It’s beautiful.  If you lay all the minor arcana out in order, each suit flows together into one long beautiful narrative.   This is actually the first deck that I’ve owned where the Minor Arcana captivate me more than the majors!

In the wands suit you watch a meandering stream flow through the cards taking the reader on a journey.  It begins with an explosion of stars in a supernova around a standing wand.  It then moves through a dark night lit only by the stars.  This scene bleeds into a fiery sunrise that in turn leads into a forest and culminates in a fearsome explosion of energy that envelops the figures in the court cards.


At first the energy of the wands seems to completely overwhelm the page, lifting them off their feet and high into the air as they reach through the energy.  The knight can be seen directing the energy with their hands, but still caught up by it.  The Queen figure draws the energy around her body and coaxes a flower to bloom.  A vibrant shock of hair moves around her with the energy mixed in.  Finally the king floats mid air, controlling the wands energy, relaxed and in control despite the whirling maelstrom of fire all around him.  The wand energy has coalesced into a crown over his head.  I love the story that those court cards tell, a progression over time from being the overwhelmed page to the mastery of the king.  I find it echoed in the other courts as well.  I especially liked the Cups court where they all interact with the same water as it flows from the King down to the Page.

IMG_0699The major arcana are set apart from the minors with a decorative borders around them.

As you can see from the cards shown, the art style of the deck is very Impressionistic, it brings to mind Starry Night in a lot of places.  Each suit represents a season as well.  The Swords suit is winter, Wands are Spring, Pentacles are summer, and Cups are Fall.

The art work is beautiful, but so are the cards.  They’re a little bit thicker than most tarot cards, if you’ve ever used the Wild Unknown deck, they’re similar in weight.  They have silver on their edges which is such a treat, it’s super reflective and shiny.  I find them a little bit challenging to shuffle just because of their thickness and stiffness.  A wash is easier than the shuffling in my hands.  Although I’m sure the more I work with the cards the more flexible they’ll become.

Readings with this deck are just as wonderful as the cards themselves.  There is so much to see in these cards, so many symbols and so much depth.  I can absolutely recommend this deck, I’m looking forward to a lot of lovely readings with these cards.

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