Why my decks aren’t wrapped in silk

tarot-talkIf you’ve done much reading about tarot practices you’ll have undoubtedly read that tarot decks must  be wrapped in silk or else!

The more you learn about Tarot the more rules you’ll read about what you must or must not do.  Some rules I agree with and others don’t work for me.  As an intuitive Tarot reader I encourage you to experiment with how you work with Tarot.  Don’t just discount the rules right off the bat, give them a try and find out what methods work and what don’t.

That said, one rule that I take umbrage with is the “you must wrap in silk” rule.  I keep my decks in all kinds of wrapping and bags.

IMG_0888Here’s one of my decks, and as you can see, it’s in a simple cotton drawstring bag.  I think I bought it at Target for a dollar.   Aside from a ziplock bag, that’s about as far from silk wrapping as you can get.  Incidentally, don’t use a ziplock bag as a long term storage solution since things kept inside plastic can sweat from condensation and that can physically damage your deck, and that would be bad.

So here’s my issue with the “silk wrap only” rule.  Silk is expensive and can be hard to obtain if income is tight.  Silky is a luxury item and I don’t think working with Tarot should be only for well to do people.  I think anyone can and should feel free to work with Tarot and a lack of expensive wrapping materials shouldn’t keep you from reading the cards.

Now, before you start wrapping your decks up in old newspaper here’s something else to consider.  Just because I said you don’t need silk doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t protect your decks.  When you’re working with your tarot decks (or oracle decks) you’re working with the tools of your craft, and you should treat them with respect and care.  For me, it’s much more about the intention you put into your tools and the level of respect that you give them.  If the best you can afford is to wrap them in a cotton bandana, that’s perfectly okay.  Just make sure the bandana is clean and that you’re not just wadding it up and stuffing it somewhere.

I enjoy sewing and I’ve got a lot of awesome little patterns for bags that are the perfect IMG_0889size for a deck of tarot cards.  So I’ve sewn a bunch and most of the time I store my working decks in them.

The one shown here, holding my Prisma Visions deck, is one of my favorites.  The witch cameo fabric is perfect for a witch like me.  It’s lightly lined so it gives the deck a little bit of padding which protects it when I need to toss it in my bag and take it with me.

Someday I might eventually have a bag that I make out of silk, who knows.  Some Tarot rules make a lot of sense, like clearing your decks of old or carried over energies before you use them and doing your readings in a centered and grounded place.  I’ve done readings without taking time to ground and center and those readings were… okay; but when I take the time to ground and center my readings are 150% better.  But as for the silk thing, as long as you’re treating your decks with care and respect they’ll be powerful tools, it won’t matter if you’ve wrapped them in silk, cotton, wool, or paper.

But trust me on the ziplock bag thing.  😉


5 thoughts on “Why my decks aren’t wrapped in silk

  1. Jen V says:

    I hear you! I find silk scarves at goodwill for a couple dollars though. I cleanse them first! I think whatever works for you is cool. I do enjoy hunting for them though at thrift shops 🙂


  2. cole says:

    I really appreciate the class angle you brought to this issue! It’s super important to consider what’s most easily accessible for the majority of readers. Cotton is natural, plant-based/vegan (silk is technically not, coming from worms), and is one of the most important plants we have for human comfort. It’s a gift from the earth—totally fitting to enrobe a tarot deck, I believe!


  3. Kate Eden says:

    I’m an artist working in silk and a tarot card reader. All my decks are wrapped in specially made hand painted silk, the perfect size for doing a reading on. The wrapper and bags (or boxes) the cards are stored in are part of the ritual of focussing intent and showing respect. The wrapping doesn’t have to be silk, it just needs to be special. And breathable.


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