Linestrider Tarot

I just ordered a new Tarot deck!!  Which I needed like I need a hole in the head *g* but that’s okay.

I just ordered the Linestrider Tarot and I’m really excited.  The cards have this beautiful watercolor and ink look to them and I’ve sort of had my eye on them for a while.  I saw them come up again in my Amazon recommendations this morning and at that price, I couldn’t resist.


From the description:
Spun with soft strokes of vibrant color and intricate detail, The Linestrider Tarot features gentle yet evocative images that dance on the edge between magic and logic. With grace and innovation, Siolo Thompson’s captivating minimalist art will enhance your readings in powerful and profound ways.
Linestriding is about walking in two worlds―one foot in each to discover guidance. Drawing inspiration from the edge while still moving forward on the Fool’s journey.

I’m excited to try reading with them.  I’ll let you guys know when they get here and I’ll have a review as well.

Do any of you already have this deck?  If you don’t what are your favorite decks, and which ones do you recommend to other Tarot readers?

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