Card of the Day: Four of Swords


Today’s card is the Four of Swords from the Manga Tarot

IMG_0633Just seeing this card made me smile.  The four of swords is a card of rest.  And I could really use some rest right about now.  Reading this card also gives me the impression of this rest being a very well deserved and hard earned rest.

The stack of rolled up mats in the background make me think that this is a dojo of some kind.  Although, the woman in the picture is sleeping peacefully, you can see from the four swords within arm’s reach that peace hasn’t always come easy.  The swords suit is the suit of the mind, intellect, academia, and the element of air.  These swords could represent some difficult choices that she’s been wrestling with, or some challenging mental puzzles.

Because they’re still right there with her, it indicates that the problems still exist, she hasn’t solved them all yet, but she’s able to take a break from them before they wear her out completely.

The old adage of ‘sleep on it’ might be the advice this card is offering.  When we’re completely worn out and over exhausted even small problems can seem like looming giants.

It also means to take a break.  Things might seem hard and you may feel like you can’t stop or else you’ll be overcome, but this card is telling you that’s not true.  You can and should rest so that you can keep going.

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