Repost: walking through fire, a gathering of survival strategies by community and allies — Asali Earthwork

I wish I could say that I was surprised at the events over the last week or two.  Surprised that while I was safe at home two more black men were killed by police attacks, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.  But, sadly, like my reaction to the shooting at Pulse in Orlando, I wasn’t surprised.  I feel sad and sometimes hopeless, but never surprised any more.

I felt like I knew what to do in the wake of the Orlando shootings.  I’m gay, this was my community.  I feel less well equipped as to what I can or should do to help my POC friends.

The best thing I’ve found that I can do so far is to listen to those POC voices, support them when they ask for help, listen to their stories and trust them.  My voice doesn’t have a place in the discussion except to amplify theirs and be the best ally that I can be.  And to remember that this isn’t about me, but that it’s my job to help fix the problem.

I’m boosting a post from Asali Earthwork.  Go, listen to her, and help where you can.

I’m still reeling. Here is a link round up of community and allies with strategies that have helped the healing along. – Where does a healer’s anger go? Beyond love and light. I wrote a piece for the Little Red Tarot on holding space for anger that bleeds through my identity as a black queer […]

via walking through fire, a gathering of survival strategies by community and allies — Asali Earthwork

Edit: a few more links to add

Girlbosswoo has some important thoughts in her open letter to white business owners, this was especially good for me to read as a white person.

Worts and Cunning also has some good advice.

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