Card of the Day: Strength


Today’s card is Strength from the Happy Tarot.

IMG_0457When I was working my way through the Alternative Tarot course I drew Strength as my first card, the one I was supposed to hold as my guidance through the course.  I’ve got a special spot in my heart for this card.  And I especially like the Happy Tarot version of Strength.

I also think it’s really neat that this is the card that came up right after the Magician in the last card of the day post.  These are the two major arcana cards with the infinity symbol on them, and here they show up back to back.  I don’t believe in coincidences any more.  Not in my spiritual practices.  I believe that when things of this nature happen, they’re messages for me.  So clearly I’ve got some work to do around the concept of infinity and connections between the Magician and Strength in my life.

But for today we focus on Strength.  The default connotation of strength conjures up miraculous images of women lifting cars off their children or  muscled men hefting barbells over their heads.  But that’s not the strength you see in the Strength card.  The Strength card demonstrates a gentle strength.  We see a woman with flowers in her hair removing a thorn from a lion’s paw.  This kind of strength is a gentle and compassionate strength.  The bravery needed to walk up to an angry lion and the wisdom to know that the lion isn’t going to eat you, it just needs the pain to stop.  It’s the courage to face your fear and figure out the problem and solve it gently.

One of my favorite lessons about this card came from Rebecca in a guest post she made for Little Red Tarot.

“…Strength is whatever gets you through the day. Some days, that’s just endurance, or even apathy. But whatever gets the job done.”

There are a lot of different ways to be strong, and there’s no one right way.  Sometimes strength could be feeling anxious about going to a social event, but going anyway.  It could be feeling afraid of a new medication that you have to inject, but learning to do it even though you’re kind of scared of needles because it’s what you need to do to manage your diabetes.

Strength is about doing what needs to be done even when it’s difficult or scary.  The card can show up as a reminder of what you need to do or it can show up to show you that you have the Strength within you to handle the problem.

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