Weekly Readings

Weekly Readings from Wooly Witchy

The Chaos Witch had some interesting thoughts on ditching gender essentialism in pagan practices.

Black Lives Matter: a Spell for Visioning Justice from Northern Lights Witch

If you’ve ever been curious about Shamanic Journeying, Woolgathering and Wildcrafting has an interesting post about how to try it for yourself.  Check it out: Shamanic Journeying.

Because my lavender is blooming and ready, here’s an article from Garden Therapy about harvesting your lavender.

How to make your own collage oracle or Tarot cards.  A Guest post by Jess on Little Red Tarot.


What I’m reading: Date Knight by Bridget Essex.
What I’m listening to: it alternates between Two Dope Queens, the Hamilton soundtrack, and Alice Isn’t Dead.
What I’m knitting: a pair of Spring Forward socks

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