Card of the Day: Queen of Wands


Today’s card is the Queen of Wands from the Prisma Visions Tarot.

IMG_0704Oh my goodness, how much do I love the court cards in the Prisma Visions deck?  A whole huge lot.  I’ve waxed poetical about them in the deck review, actually talked about the queen in particular, but I’m giving her an entire post all  to herself now as the card of the day.

The fiery energy of the Wands suit is very evident in this card, from the fire around her feet and in her footsteps behind her to the fiery sunset sky behind her.  There’s a beautiful creative and spiritual power in the wands suit.

As with all court cards, this can represent a person in your life who embodies this wands energy, or it can indicate a type of energy that is either appearing in excess or needs to be embodied more.

You can see that this Queen is caught up in the swirling energy of this card, to me it almost reads like a dance.  Is the energy moving her or is she moving the energy?  It’s hard to say here, is she trapped by the energy or held up by it?  How you read this card could depend on where it appears in a spread.  As a standalone card I view her as the mistress of this energy.  The full open flower is fresh and new, only seconds ago it was a tightly wound bud, full of potential energy but not yet brought to flower.

 I’ve seen the Queen of Wands referred to as the most sexual of the queens and you can see a little bit of that here, the opening of the flower can be read as a metaphor for sexual contact.  I think the way I read this queen, I lean towards a sensual reading, which can include the sexual aspect of sensuality but isn’t limited to just that.  It might include enjoying the feeling of silken rose petals on your fingers, the scent of the flower, an appreciation of the sight of the petals unfurling.  Experiencing the world with all your senses and fully indulging in that sensory experience, that is the message of the Queen of Wands.

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