Eight of Yarnovers Tarot Bag: Knitting Pattern

Wooly Knits

Eight of Yarnovers

I am super excited to offer my first knitting pattern for all of you!  I call it the Eight of Yarnovers bag and it’s the perfect size for your Tarot cards.  Also it’s free to download.

eight of yarnovers

I picked the name because there are eight pattern repeats around the bag and because I thought it was terribly clever, by which I mean that I giggled like a school child when I thought of it.

You can also view this pattern on Ravelry.

This pattern is suitable for adventurous beginners.  You need to be able to knit in the round and be comfortable with yarn overs.  It features a really neat technique, called a three-needle bind off for the bottom.  If you’ve never done that before I include a link to a tutorial.  It’s quite simple and makes a great sturdy base for the bag.

Download the Pattern Here.

If you knit this bag I would be beyond excited to see how yours turns out.  Feel free to share pictures in the comments or link your project on Ravelry.

Happy Knitting!

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