Weekly Readings

Weekly Readings from Wooly Witchy

I missed putting up this post last week, my Mom was out visiting and it’s always like a little tornado of productivity has swept through my life when she visits.  We re-did my side porch into a useful space instead of a pile of recycling and old shoes.  We built a beautiful raised garden bed where I planted lavender and hens and chicks and sunflowers.  We made so many delicious meals.  We went antiquing.  She bought us a new vacuum (a dyson! YAY) a new shelf to display our teacups.  And we made beaded bracelets and had dinner with Katie’s parents.  And she was only here for a week.   So now I’m exhausted and happy, but I missed last week’s post, so here’s an extra long one to make up for it 🙂

Shadow Work: Undoing White Privilege by Allison Carr

From Behati Life: a Guided Chakra Healing Meditation.

Something cool from NHPR: Foodstuffs: Portsmouth-Brewed Pint Raises Funds for Victims of Orlando, Dallas Shootings

Top Ten Cards for LGBTQ+ folks

Beth from Little Red Tarot shared what’s in her Tarot Box and it’s got me wishing I had such a cool box for mine.  I’ve got these visions of an old vintage suitcase.  Right now I just carry my tiny kit, such as it is (a reading cloth and a deck in a knit bag), in my backpack or purse.  Clearly I need (not actually, this is just a want) more tarot supplies 😉

And then other people shared their working spaces too!

What I’m reading: Hereafter by Marian Snowe.
What I’m crocheting: Mine Once More a summery shawl for my mom.
What I’m watching: Jane the Virgin and Grace and Frankie.

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