Weekly Readings

Weekly Readings from Wooly Witchy

Explore Mercury in Retrograde with Asali Earthwork and the Night Vale Tarot.

From Gaian Soul: a tarot blessing for a hard time.

Beth from Little Red Tarot wrote about Exploring the Edgelands: pushing past your comfort zone.  I used to teach younger camp counselors about the value of getting out of your comfort zone, but this was back in high school and I’m badly out of practice.  It’s a timely reminder to get out there and try some of the difficult things that we might really enjoy and would be good for us.

What I’m reading:
What I’m knitting: My Dew Drops shawl and a blanket for my mom.
What I’m eating: hopefully these Cabbage Pancakes
What I’m coveting on the internet: this awesome knitting bag.

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