Card of the Day: Four of Cups


Today’s card is the Four of Cups from the Happy Tarot

IMG_1323You may have noticed that I’ve been using the Happy Tarot a lot lately.  I adore this deck, but mostly I’m using it a lot because this is the deck that I’m carrying around in my purse.  Also the four theme is entirely coincidental, last card of the day was the Four of Pentacles.  This was just the card I drew next.  Although, it probably means I should pay attention to my fours and see if my deck is trying to tell me something.

But let’s get into this four now.  I’m not sure if the figure in the picture is sulking or if they’re genuinely sad.  Half of their face looks kind of bored and the other half looks sad.  I actually covered half of the face with a finger to look at the divided expression.  So there’s probably some mixed feelings going on here.  With the Four of Cups it could be either.  The card speaks about turning inwards, which can either be self reflective or self absorbed.  How I’d read this card (how I’d read any card) would depend on where it fell in a spread and what the querent was asking about.

I think it’s really interesting that the Ace of Cups is represented in this card too, the happy little cloud on the right side is that same cloud that appears on the Ace of cups card.  This sends the message that good things are in the works, the Ace is on its way to shower the figure with love and blessings.

Another note I see in this card is the suspension of feelings.  Notice how there’s one cup sitting in front of the figure and two others tied up into the tree.  One cup is threatening to spill over.  There are several messages we can glean from these suspended cups.  It shows that the figure has a lot of feelings to deal with right one, the empty cup isn’t very urgent, we can’t see anything in the cup, but the other cup is overflowing and starting to spill out.  If you read these cups as feelings it’s showing either a refusal to deal with those feelings or a temporary shelving of them.  In a crisis a lot of feelings are present, but sometimes we have to set some of those feelings aside to deal with the most important ones.  In that case it’s okay to compartmentalize and deal with some of those cups later.  The problem comes when we’ve shelved those feelings and never paused to deal with them later.  The feelings are still there and some might be about to spill over into our present.

I think the central message of this card is that we need to strike a balance when we turn inwards.  Spending too much time navel gazing means we miss out on what happening around us.  However, without at least some self reflection we can’t grow and we risk stagnating.  The flip side of that coin is that if we shut ourselves off from everything and sulk, alone on an island, with our eyes shut, we also miss out on the opportunities and happiness that might be all around us.

Don’t avoid life so long that you forget to live it.

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