Weekly Readings

Weekly Readings from Wooly Witchy

I did a whole lot of reading this week, so strap in friends, this one is a big one ūüôā

Beth at Little Red Tarot wrote a great post on where to start with Tarot if you’re a newbie.

Liz Worth has some thoughts on how to survive Mercury in Retrograde.

I read an article about the use of the racial slur Gypsy in Tarot and other spiritual practices and why it’s not okay to call yourself that unless you are a Romani person. ¬†Rather than linking the article I prefer to share with you the actual Romani created posts about the topic in an effort to magnify those voices of color. ¬†Big Gadje World, Gypsy Appropriations, It’s a Slur.

From Worts and Cunning: Three New Ways to Read Tarot.

South African school girls are protesting racism in their school.  You can get more information at #StopRacismatPretoriaGirlsHigh.

And more news in Policing Womens’ Bodies, French Police are forcing women to undress now with the ‘Burkini Ban’.¬†From the article: ¬†While the target of the laws has changed, the intent has not; women are being subjected to laws that control their outfits and bodies.

And something to make you chuckle:  The perfect response to random people asking you to knit something for them.

Not really news, but another article on how knitting can save your brain:  Knitting and Digital Overload.

From Lavender Moon: how to bond with a tarot deck.

Tips on cleaning your tarot cards.

The Price: a Queer Daughter of a Queer Mother.  I am doomed to die an ugly death or at least to be separated from my partner, probably violently. So is my queer mother and my partner and my cousin and many of my friends. We are all doomed, it seems, because this is the only story American media tells about queer women.

Augmented Reality Tarot Ap, if you work with a traditional RWS deck this might be for you.

Reading the 5 Stages of Grief in a Tarot Spread.

¬†What I’m knitting: a Turn a Square hat and a tarot bag.
What I’m watching: Still the West Wing on Netflix! ¬†Although my wife and I watched Stranger Things recently too. ¬†SO GOOD.
What I’m listening to: ¬†My 90’s Pandora station. ¬†So much nostalgia!

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