Travel and Family

Hello friends,

I’ve fallen a little bit by the wayside these last few weeks.  I traveled out to visit my family in Colorado because my mom had her knee replaced and wasn’t feeling great.  I was lucky enough to be able to take a week off work at short notice to fly out there to be with her.

I brought my cards but I didn’t so much as touch them all week.  It felt so right to be there with her when she needed help.  I would do it again in a heartbeat, but it made me fall so very behind on all things internet.

I didn’t do much but knit and knit and knit some more.  And then realize I’d made two mistakes in the socks I was making so I ripped them back out again.  I’m halfway down the foot now.


It’s making me want to create some kind of sock knitting restarting tarot spread.  Something about being able to go back, but salvaging parts of the ruin to build a new future upon.  Or maybe to create the Tarot of Knitting.  The Fool would be someone learning to cast on, knitting away at a garter stitch project (but not a scarf, I think they make terrible beginner projects, they just NEVER END, start with a washcloth).  Then the Magician would be someone who teaches you to purl and opens up the second stitch in knitting.  The High Priestess doesn’t fix your mistakes, she teaches you how and you realize that you can figure things out for yourself.  The Hierophant is Elizabeth Zimmerman who teaches you the basics and then teaches you that there are no Rules, no Knitting Police.  You’d knit bravely on through the majors and into the minors.  And maybe each minor would be a different flavor of knitting.  Cables, lace, textured, and colorwork.  The idea needs some work, but it’s in there buzzing.


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