Card of the Day: Seven of Wands


Today’s card is the Seven of Wands from the Happy Tarot.

fullsizerenderThe poor little seven of wands.  Se’s got such a worried look on her face.  She’s backed up onto a hill, might be missing one of her shoes, and from the looks of it, that river of frosting might make for some unsteady footing.  The crowd of wands (presumably being brandished by something/someone) jostle menacingly in the foreground.  Her posture is very defensive, but there’s a note of not wanting to hurt anyone.  Notice how she’s pointing the (and yes, this is stretching a little) non-pointy end at the crowd.  If we view the frosting covered end as the fighting end, which makes sense in this metaphor since the ends being brandished are the frosting ends.

The fact that she has one boot and one barefoot (or it could be a shoe) are an indicator that she’s conflicted.  She’s got one foot in the world of all those other wands and one foot over that hill into the unknown.  Maybe she’s running from an oppressive government or a bad family situation.

Or maybe those other six wands are fighting amongst themselves.  Maybe she’s watching from her vantage point and staying out of the fight entirely.  Those two different footwear might indicate that she can understand both positions, but the fact that she’s not in the fighting means that she doesn’t agree with either one.

She doesn’t want to have to hurt these people, but she’s reached her limit.  It’s the fight or flight moment and she’s chosen to face down her problems.  She’s making her stand on her little hill and she’s going to defend it.

If you see this in a reading it’s a message to stand firm.  You might be getting a lot of pressure from opposing sides, but hang in there.  Keep aware of your surroundings, stay up on the hill and don’t get mired in the mud and fighting below, but don’t give up either.  Maybe you can see both sides of the fight and can see the pros and cons of each.  Like that cat in the famous 80s posters they sold at every book fair, Hang in there!

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