Card of the Day: Ace of Cups


Today’s card is the Ace of Cups from the Happy Tarot

I know that the whole deck is happy, because it’s the Happy Tarot, but this one just img_0456looks that much more happy.  I mean, come on, it’s a happy cloud showering blessings over you in a giant rainbow.  It’s like Lucky Charms in here.  And that makes me grin like an idiot.

Aces are always a good sign, so it’s already got that going for it.  And look how delighted that little cloud looks.  The little n_n eyes and that big smile, it’s literally carrying the pot (cup) of gold at the end of the rainbow.  It holds that unattainable thing that in normal life you could chase for your entire life and never find without the aid of a leprechaun.  The Ace shows an outpouring of emotional healing and love that the cups suit is known for.

We talk a lot on the internet about having “all the feels” and whether these feels are good or bad there’s often a sense of being overwhelmed by them, like they come in as a huge flood that bowls us over and leaves us exhausted.  This isn’t that feeling.  This kind of soaking is the kind that leaves us energized and renewed, like diving into a pool during the middle of a hot summer day.

You can see lotus blossoms floating on lily pads in the water below.  The ace of cups is a sign of a fresh start, the cascade of water can wash away the hurt and pain you might be carrying with you.  Luxuriate in the water and let it wash you clean so that you can emerge renewed.

If you see this card in a reading it’s a sign that a refreshing cleansing period is starting or that you need to do some emotional cleansing.  Sacred baths, sound healing, or maybe a soothing tea are in order.

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