Card of the Day: High Priestess


Today’s card is the High Priestess from the Universal Goddess deck.

This card depicts Isis seated on a throne in front of one of the great pyramids.  She wears a IMG_0562beautiful gold headdress and a brilliant star shines above her head.  Wikipedia tells us that “Isis was worshipped as the ideal mother and wife as well as the patroness of nature and magic… Isis is often depicted as the mother of Horus, the falcon-headed deity associated with king and kingship… Isis is also known as protector of the dead and goddess of children.”

I love the way that it almost feels like she is drawing down starlight, you can feel that the cosmos are hers to control and shape as she will.

I always see the High Priestess as a reminder that we possess all the magic and power we need within ourselves.  Sometimes we get a little lost and our confidence takes a tumble, but it’s always there inside us.  Isis seems to be showing us the path.  Look to the natural world around you, feel your connection to the stars.  We are literally comprised of the same materials as the stars themselves.

The High Priestess is a reminder to stop and look within for the answers.  Just as the Magician before her who teaches the Fool to connect with the external world, the High Priestess teaches the Fool to connect with the internal world.  She is a sign to start paying attention to your unconscious mind.  Meditation, dream work, and spirit work are all her magics.

When you see her look for hidden mysteries to start becoming clearer.  Find that place of stillness inside and outside and hold that space for whatever messages are waiting to come through.

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