Happy Samhain: some spreads to try

I dressed up in a black witch’s hat and this fab black dress with lace sleeves and headed off to work today.  I love the chance to dress up as a witch while I giggle about how technically I’m dressed as a witch every day since I am a witch.  It amuses me in all the very best ways.


A witch’s familiar

Trick or Treating was last night where I live, which makes me roll my eyes.  But it was fun.  I had some friends over to play Cthulhu Fluxx and I made rice krispie treats and caramel apples and lentil and cauliflower soup.

I wanted to share a Samhain Tarot spread today, but it didn’t quite come together for me, so instead I’m going to share some that other lovely card slingers have shared.

From the Tarot Dude: A Samhain Spread.

Escaping Stars has an Honoring Ancestors Spread.

From Little Red Tarot: a Samhain ritual.

Interrobang Tarot’s Samhain spread.

Samhain spread using the wonderfully pagan Wildwood Tarot

From First Earth Tarot: a Spread for the new Year

From Tarot Notes: a Samhain Spirit Spread.

From Furious Horde: Hallowing: a Samhain spread

From Asali Earthwork: Skeleton Key Spread

Also from Beth over at Little Red Tarot shared a huge roundup of Samhain links to history and culture and all kinds of good reads, take a look.

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