Daily Draw: The Sun

The Daily Draw updatedThere’s something about my pagan witchy self that always distrusts the Sun card just a little bit because of the association with God and Christianity.  The depiction of the Sun card in the Night Vale tarot deck shows the neighboring Town Desert Bluffs.  For episode after episode we’re taught by Cecil, the radio host of the show, that Desert Bluffs is bad, the people are not to be trusted.  They worship a Smiling God instead of the traditional Night Vale worship conducted in Blood Stone Circles.

But lately, we’ve been finding out that maybe those Desert Bluffs people aren’t so bad 19-the-sunbad.  Seeing this in my daily draw (and I randomly chose this deck for today) reads maybe like a sign that I ought to rethink my knee-jerk reaction to the Sun card.

And going back to basics and reading about this card tells me that it’s about assurance and enlightenment.

Thank you, daily draw, for reminding me that it’s never too late to re-evaluate what you think you know, and that there is always something more to learn.

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