Wooly Wednesday

Hello dear ones!

Wordless Wednesday is transforming!  It’s becoming Wooly Wednesday in which I witter on about something wooly, probably something I’m knitting 🙂  or have knit.  I hope you’ll enjoy it.  I’ve been looking for a way to bring the wooly into balance with the witchy and this is it!


Today it’s my Spring Forward socks!  That link will take you to my Ravelry Page where there’s a bunch more technical detail about the pattern and the actual knitting.


 I knit these from yarn that I got in my somewhat short lived Yarnbox subscription.  I am not crazy about pink, so when my sweet wife gasped in delight at the colors I knew they’d become socks for her.  The Spring Forward pattern is a delight as well.  It’s free on Knitty.com. and looks great in a variety of different yarns!  It’s been knit 4600+ times on Ravelry so you know it’s good.  What I liked is that the pattern was so simple but looked so fancy!  I actually have knit it again since this pair.

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