Managing your Election Day Anxiety


I voted before work this morning and then vowed to turn off all my social media so I don’t work myself into a lather, but then I thought of something I really wanted to share.  So here’s a roundup of links on managing anxiety with tarot (and with other things).  I pulled these together specifically for election day, but it should be pretty obvious that these techniques and spreads are good for any day.

From LRT: a spread for Tapping into your confidence.

Biddy Tarot shares a Release and Let Go spread.

Rowan Tarot has a great visual spread called the Anxiety roundabout.

The Pagan Things tumblr shares some alternative anxiety relief methods.

A spread to examine how anxiety is affecting your life.   And another simple three card anxiety spread, both on Aeclectic Tarot.

And here are a few anxiety management tools that work for me:

Stay off the internet, obviously YMMV, but often we’re way over saturated with the 24 hour constant bad news cycle.  Sometimes you need to just step away.  Feel empowered to do that.

Make Things – For me this usually means knitting.  I pick something simple that doesn’t have to engage my brain too much -or- sometimes actually something that does take up my entire attention so I can’t let my thoughts wander too much.  This could also be cooking or cross stitching or mowing your lawn or building something.  You do you.

Grounding exercise.  Say these aloud, repeat as needed when you need some grounding:
Five things I can see: list five things
Four things I can hear: list four things
Three things I can feel: list three things
Two things I can smell: list two things
One thing I can taste: list the then.

If you can, take a shower, visualize the water sluicing away your worries and anxieties.

Brew a cup of herbal tea, chamomile with lavender would be a good bet today.

Take a nap.

If you’re able to, hit the gym, exercise can release endorphins which can help us feel better.

Meditate.  I like the calm website as background noise.  I also use Naturespace.

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