Weekly Readings


Autostraddle has convinced me that I need to start watching One Day at a Time.  They call it a “a brand new reboot of the classic Norman Lear mother-daughter comedy that eschews the sitcom world’s overwhelmingly white history and focuses on a Latinx family.”

The Resist Hat – Resist racism, resist xenophobia, resist sexism, resist hate of all kinds. Wear this hat to proclaim that we are the resistance!
The diagonal motif is based on the American symbol for a resistor in electronics.

My wife has been having a hard time getting good sleep lately and this little gem came across my feed reader at the perfect time.  A spell for things that go bump in the night.

What I’m knitting: Blue Moon Socks.
What I’m playing: new tabletop games!  And then we held hands and Kodama: the tree Spirits.

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