Card of the Day: Six of Arrows


Today’s card is the Six of Arrows from the Wildwood Tarot.

img_0331Well, isn’t this a little on the nose today.  The six of arrows shows the keyword Transition.  On inauguration day.

The figure holding the tiller on the boat is shrouded in black robes and wraps.  A nose and some kind of facial hair can be seen and the expression and pose looks serious and focused.  They’re sailing away from the bright and sunny waters and into the dark of the unknown.

The hidden face reads defeat to me.  Returning from some confrontation that was lost.  Something is being left behind and the figure carries regret and an intense feeling of loss.  This is an uncertain and fear filled time.  But this six reminds you to harness the energy around you and use it to power yourself onwards.  The energies here are air, intellect, the mind.  It fills that sail and you can see from the water in front of the boat that it’s cutting quickly through the water.

That’s the message I’m taking away from today’s pull is that when you’re walking through hell, keep on walking.

Be safe, take care of yourselves, and give ’em hell this weekend and for the next two years when we can kick a lot of them out at the midterm elections.  ❤

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