Help me pay the plumber: book a reading!

Over the last weekend my wife and I have been dealing with some not so fun plumbing issues and now we’ve got a plumber scheduled to replace a whole lot of pipes… which lands us with a not insubstantial bill we really weren’t expecting.  So if you’d been considering booking a reading I’d love to entice you to go for it!


I offer readings in a range of price points; you can get a simple one card check in for just $5, and it’s a great way to get a sample of my reading style if you’re uncertain.

I’m also thinking about offering some custom-made quilted tarot bags and reading mats. So if you’ve seen the flurry of quilting I’ve been doing on my Instagram and you like what you see, I’m interested in working with you to make an awesome fabric tarot accessory.  I have a range of drawstring pouches ready to ship right now.  A fully lined zippered tarot pouch will probably be around $20 and a quilted mat will range from $20-30 depending on the complexity.  The sunburst (11″x11″) mat would be simpler than the one with the black zig zag (13″x9″ ish).  Each Drop me a line woolywitchy (at) gmail (dot) com and we’ll chat!


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