Weekly Readings


From Autostraddle – Being Kinky Doesn’t Make you Queer

Dutch Men Hold Hands to Fight Homophobia

Have you heard of Habitica, gamifying your real life activities to make it easier to form better habits.  My geeky little heart loves this thing!

Questions to ask if you have more priviledge than your partner.

Mood Board Monday: Rainbows – something pretty to look at 🙂

Hilary from Tarot by Hilary shares why she got started reading Tarot.

The Tarot Lady did a great interview with Melissa Synova who wrote Kitchen Table Tarot.

Asali shared a How to Survive Mercury Retrograde Spread.

LRT shares new Tarot decks for Spring.  I’ve got the Dark Days Tarot headed my way already!  Can’t wait.

In the Category of YES PLEASE, Combining tea and spellwork.

Even though a lot of us aren’t predictive readers Beth shared a way to use the cards predictively


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