Sunday Sewing

wooly-thoughtsIt’s a quiet Sunday at our house, which is a nice change for us, these past few weekends have been sort of rough with all our plumbing nightmares and other assorted stresses.  Thankfully we’ve got all new pipes down in the basement, the toilet is flushing and everything is draining.  I never quite realized just how nice it was to have running water until suddenly we were without it.  Very first world of me, I know.  I’m just very grateful for the repair technicians and the new pipes, even if the bill is a little frightening.  I’m just going to make one more wee plug for my Tarot Bags that you can purchase or if you’d like some guidance you can book a reading with me!

gameI had friends over for game night on Friday night.  My wife and I are playing halfling identical twins and other friends are playing a druid and a giant bear.  We found some ancient ruins and a little treasure and then found a baby dragon that I tried to befriend.  It did not go well and a magical dragon lady took the baby dragon off with her.

It’s always such a fun time, relaxing time with friends where we laugh, kill monsters, and work together to solve puzzles.  I got to use my climbing skills to get our party across a pit with spikes at the bottom.

aaWe spent yesterday sewing, quilting, and baking cupcakes and filling them with lemon curd and then we drove to a cemetery a few towns over where the person my wife role plays for Strawbery Banke is buried.  It was pretty neat to find the headstone of the actual woman she’s portraying for work.

Later today we’re heading over to my wife’s parents’ house for dinner and this morning I slept in a little bit and hung some quilts on the walls at my house.  I worked on a post about my Tarot reading space (it’ll go up on Monday) and I did some laundry.  It’s been really peaceful and lovely.  And right now I’m sitting in my studio with a lavender scented candle that smells amazing.  Out my window I can see a gorgeous sunny day and our rainbow flag is billowing in the wind out in front of our cozy little house.  I’m feeling really lucky and happy.

I hope you’re all feeling the same.

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