Where I Read


One of the prompts in the Instagram this month was “Where you Read Tarot” and I loved this idea and I felt like sharing my space with a little more detail.  I’m kind of hoping that it’ll catch on because I would LOVE to see your spaces too.  I find it fascinating to get that kind of peek behind the scenes.

One more note, this is what works for me, for my practice, your space and your practice might look very different and that’s okay.  Even two people in exactly the same structured faith won’t have identical practices and it’s in those differences that we find the richness.  My practice works for me just as yours works for you (and if your doesn’t, that’s a big clue to change it up, you should feel empowered to adapt your faith so that it enriches your life).


This is the birds eye view of my space.  I keep my laptop handy to one side because I like to type up my readings rather than hand write them because my handwriting gets worse the longer I write, and I tend to ramble on when writing about tarot cards 😉

The box in the window is a little Moon shrine I created from a Moon card and some mosaic stones.  One of my favorite things is the sunrise and rainbow stained glass piece hanging in my window.  My dad made that for me when I was a little girl.  It’s been cracked a few times, but I love it so much.  The statue is Athena, my matron goddess, and I keep some of my favorite crystals around her feet.


I like to keep an assortment of colored candles on hand so I can match them to my readings.  Lighting a candle, for me, helps me to make a division between mundane and sacred space.  Little rituals to help get me in the right mindset to be open to intuition.  I keep essential oil sprays around so I can mist my work surface before I get started and wipe things down once in a while.  A little physical cleaning helps to keep the metaphysical space tidied up too.  My purple candle is from Witch City Wicks and it’s lavender scented.  Being the wooly witch that I am, lavender is my best friend, it keeps the moths away and it’s a major plant ally.  I always keep some on hand.


The print of Strength is from the Dark Days Tarot.  Strength was a card that was a guide for me when I was just starting to learn Tarot.  The pillar candle is something that I made to help me grow in my Tarot practice.  I used a Star card from a deck that was deeply problematic and created a lovely reminder of what is possible.


I like crystals.  I find them beautiful to look at and useful for charging up with intentions.  I also have a tiny deck of playing card styled major arcana cards that my mom bought for me in Italy.  She also brought back an “Evil Eye” protection charm from Greece for us that I keep over the main threshold in my kitchen.  Having things that remind me of my family around me when I’m working witchcraft makes me feel really happy.  You can also see one of my favorite tea mugs up there.  I love to have a cup of tea with me while I’m reading.  It’s another one of those lovely mindset changing rituals that helps get me in the right frame.

So that’s my reading space.  I’d love to hear about yours!

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