New Arrival: Dark Days Tarot

A Wooly Review updated (1)My copy of the Dark Days Tarot arrived and I couldn’t wait to open it up and work with it!   I backed the deck on Kickstarter and I’d almost forgotten about it.  That something I kind of love about Kickstarter.  I forget about them and then boom, surprise in the mail!

IMG_1736The Dark Days Tarot was created by Wren McMurdo.  The deck is beautiful and I’m just going to spam you to bits with a bunch of pictures.  This is the box that arrived in my mail box.  With that beautiful art on the cover and two mini cards along with it.

On her site Wren says that the deck “is inspired by the darkest days of the lunar cycle.”  She also says that in creating them she “channeled her connection to the moon and its phases, in congruence with pressing matters relating to the transition from Obama to Trump Presidential eras, in creating these cards. They are an offering to the healing power of darkness.”  And I freaking love that.  Also she’s queer, which is a double bonus 🙂

I also love how sturdy the box is, and what a beautiful presentation it has.  I’m including a bunch more pictures here.  I am really disappointed that it was printed on pretty flimsy card stock though, it’s thin, which means that it won’t hold up to really intense use as well as heavier cards.  It makes it too easy to bend the cards and tear them when they’re thin.

Major arcana come on white background cards and the minors are all on black cards, it IMG_1746gives them an immediate striking difference which I like.  I immediately liked The Fool card which shows a mother holding a small child.  I liked that it shows that the Fool can be both the start and the end of the Major Arcana cycle.  Each ending is a new beginning and they illustrate that beautifully.  And the Magician card shows the magician’s work space with a book and crystals and the magical workings coalescing in the aether above.

The card backs are completely reversible and as you can see the cards themselves are square which is going to make it extra interesting laying them out, not only can they show up reversed, but they can appear sideways as well.  I can see that leading to some really great nuanced reading situations.

IMG_1751One of the big things I look for in any Tarot deck is what is shown on the Lovers card, if it’s blatantly white cis and heterosexual I’m immediately turned off.  This deck takes a really unique approach.  The Lovers are human shaped mostly, but genders aren’t clear and they’re freaking mer-creatures.

There are a lot of mermaids in this deck and I love it.  The Two of Cups features two mermaids clasping hands and I love the queerness of it all.

Lots of the Wands cards depict the wands as growing and blooming plants and it’s so elegant and beautiful that I couldn’t stop staring at them last night as I sorted through my cards.

Oddly enough, and I imagine this is just some technical issues with the first printing, I got a handful of extra blank cards with my deck and three or four repeated cards from the beginning of the series.  Hopefully they aren’t missing from someone else’s deck because they were in with mine!  It’s kind of a nice bonus because one of them is the Fool and I love the imagery on that so I might put it on my altar somewhere.  I wouldn’t count on that though, as I said, I’m pretty sure that must have been a printing/packaging oddball.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There were so many that I loved and wanted to show you that I couldn’t fit them all, so take a peek at this slide show to see some of the highlights.

Two more that I did want to single out though were The Star and the Eight of Pentacles.


Just look at that Radiant Star card.  I love it.  I love the stars and the roses and the moons and just… I love it.  It’s jubilant and wonderful.

And the Eight of Pentacles was absolutely perfect and bang on the nose for me lately.  I cannot stop quilting and sewing, I’ve been at my machine almost every free moment lately.  And check this out.


She’s creating a magical quilt at her sewing machine.  It’s exactly perfect timing and spot on for me.  One of the April Tarot Instagram challenges the other day was “What is your favorite Pentacles card” and I didn’t answer because I didn’t yet have a particular favorite.

Now I do.  🙂

I like this deck and I’m looking forward to trying some readings with it.  If you like what you see take a look at the website.  And you can order your very own copy!

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