Nosy Witch Questions: Strength

Nosy Witch Questions updated

Strength: Do you cast spells?

Actually not all that often.  I’ve worked in large rituals and I do like to do little energy raising sessions to send energy to people who need it.  But I don’t do much spell casting.  I do intention setting and meditation.  I’ve got a little personal mind block when it comes to spell casting I think.  All of the early things I read about casting spells had these little rhyming spoken parts which rubbed me the wrong way.  If rhyming spells is your thing, rock on.  There’s definitely something to rhythmic speech and poetry that changes it from regular speech and I can see how that would make for a great way to differentiate spell work from just talking.  It’s just not what works for me.

I use meditation and visualization when I’m working.  It’s what works for me and makes sense for me.

But who knows, my path has meanders and curves that I can’t see around yet, maybe I’m just waiting for the perfect spell to smack me upside the head.  Ask me in a year and it might be different!


2 thoughts on “Nosy Witch Questions: Strength

    • Wooly Witchy says:

      It’s definitely not just you! There’s nothing wrong with meditation and visualization in your casting 🙂 In my experience, SO much of witch craft is learning what works for you and going for it 🙂

      You do you, and things will sort themselves out!

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