Weekly Readings

Weekly Readings from Wooly Witchy

From Little Red Tarot: unconventional ways of reading reversals.  Good stuff!

Benebell Wen shares a review of the Good Tarot.

One note on this post.  Benebell talks about cultural appropriation in the context of a Buddha figure appearing on the 10 of Water and goes on to say that cultural appropriation isn’t a thing and that people are blowing it way out of proportion.  I definitely respect her opinions about the two issues she raised in her post, but I think that saying it’s “not a thing” is going a little too far.  There are legitimate issues of cultural appropriation that are hurtful and shitty.  Are people going to little bit crazy about it right now?  Perhaps, but seriously, if people taking it a little too far is how we get important issues talked about, then GREAT.  Let’s talk more about this stuff.  It’s not okay to fetishize people and cultures while benefiting from their marginalization.

Ethony shares a list of Tarot Decks that are great for beginners.

From Little Red Tarot: a review of the Hidden Light Tarot: an elemental, magical, Jewitchy deck.

American Women Are Reclaiming The “Plan C” Abortion Method: A Comic

Also from LRT a review of the Sasuraibito Tarot.  The deck looks amazing and just jumped onto my wish list!  If you’re in the UK you can buy it from LRT, or in the US you can get it from the creator’s Etsy store.

Escapist video games.

As an asthmatic witch these Smoke Free Purifications is a fantastic resource!

One thought on “Weekly Readings

  1. Asali says:

    I’m always at a loss to understand why folks, especially people of color who do this, are always so prepare to defend the right to cultural appropriation. It’s not a simple matter of “it’s a small thing whatevs” it’s about the overall narrative of power and who wields it and benefit from it. It’s about the lasting wounds of colonialism that still have real impact on a global scale. And yes sometimes it means you can’t have that ‘tribal’ print on your bag, or Kālī on your Instagram, or Buddha on your 10 of Cups- but if you simply HAVE to have it ask yourself why it’s so important you and other folks be allowed to have access to that thing that does not belong.


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