Nosy Witch Questions: The Hermit

Nosy Witch Questions updated

The Hermit: Are you a solitary witch or are you part of a coven?

I’m pretty much solitary, unless you count my sweet wife.  We practice alone together.  We’re an eclectic pair of witches who love tea and cats and glitter.  I’d sort of love to be a part of a group, but I’m a little hesitant to join something as structured as a coven.  I don’t like a lot of dogma in my practice.  I would imagine if I found just the right group I’d enjoy it.

I’ve participated in a few weekend group witchy things and I’ve loved those.  I’ve met some more local people a few times but I’m a big introvert and I often find that I like the idea of practicing with a group rather than actually doing it.

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