Nosy Witch Questions

Nosy Witch Questions updated

Death: Do you believe in, or have experience with past lives?

I would consider myself open to the possibility but not certain.  Once or twice in my life I’ve had these intense dreams where I found myself in the past living a different life and knowing that it was me, but I wasn’t my present self.  In one of these dreams I was a member of the French Resistance in Paris during World War II.  There were details that were just so vivid, like the quality of light under the street lamps in the night and this very real sense of danger as I ducked around the occupying soldiers.

It certainly gave me pause and it does make me lean strongly in the direction of believing that it could have been a past life echo.  I would love to learn a more about people’s theories of past lives and that sort of thing.

How about you lot?  I’d love to know what you think.

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