Weekly Readings

Weekly Readings from Wooly Witchy

Woman walking strong: I stopped giving way on the sidewalk and found my power.  I have had this experience too.  This article talks about the subtle ways that women avoid taking up space when walking and the way that men just expect to have right of way.  I’ve sometimes done this and it does make me feel good.  I deserve to take up space.  Walking like I had a right to be there, which I do, stopped me feeling angry at other people who didn’t pay the least bit of attention, it just made me feel strong.  Fellow sisters, TAKE UP SPACE, you deserve it. ❤

From Northwest Witch – Six Signs a Plant Wants to Work With You

From Dark Days Tarot – How to read a Square Tarot Card, perfectly appropriate given her square deck 🙂

A Spread to help you change your mindset around an issue.  I can see this being very useful when I read!  MindSet Mover Spread

On Little Red Tarot: a fantastic review of the Urban Tarot, I’m compelled, it sounds like an amazing deck!

Jess Carlson shares: How to Read Tarot Cards Like a Badass. Loved this!  Totally agree.

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