Weekly Readings

Weekly Readings from Wooly Witchy

 From Northern Lights Witch: a Spell to Help Lift Depression

From Radiolab (one of my favorite podcasts) the Story of Alex Hai, a transgender gondolier in Venice.
We travel to Venice, Italy with reporters Kristen Clark and David Conrad, where they meet gondolier Alex Hai. On the winding canals in the most hidden parts of Venice, we learn about the nearly millenia old tradition of the Venetian Gondolier, and how Alex was forced into a 20 year battle against this job that he loved, and, in some ways, himself. 

In more Girl-Scouts-Fucking-Rock News: Girl Scouts Will Start Offering Cybersecurity Badges to Promote Interest in Science And Math Fields.

From Queen of Wands Tarot: a great essay on reading the Death card  – Death is Death.

From Asali – a lovely thoughtful review of the Personal Space Tarot.

Cosmic Tarot shares some Tarot Affirmations.

A Tarot spread to Detox your Life

Representation Matters in the Spiritual Community.

What I’m Reading: Date Knight by Bridget Essex (just finished it, OMG GOOD.  Sexy lesbian Lady Knights, if you haven’t read this series give it a go!!  Start with a Knight to Remember)
What I’m knitting: my Shawl-Blanket Find Your Fade is ALMOST DONE!  This week I bet!
What I’m listening to: Born to Make History by Dean Fujioka, it’s the opening to my new favorite show: Yuri on Ice!
What I’m watching: see above.  Yuri on Ice!!!  SO MUCH QUEER FIGURE SKATING ANIME.

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