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Weekly Readings from Wooly Witchy

Woman walking strong: I stopped giving way on the sidewalk and found my power.  I have had this experience too.  This article talks about the subtle ways that women avoid taking up space when walking and the way that men just expect to have right of way.  I’ve sometimes done this and it does make me feel good.  I deserve to take up space.  Walking like I had a right to be there, which I do, stopped me feeling angry at other people who didn’t pay the least bit of attention, it just made me feel strong.  Fellow sisters, TAKE UP SPACE, you deserve it. ❤

From Northwest Witch – Six Signs a Plant Wants to Work With You

From Dark Days Tarot – How to read a Square Tarot Card, perfectly appropriate given her square deck 🙂

A Spread to help you change your mindset around an issue.  I can see this being very useful when I read!  MindSet Mover Spread

On Little Red Tarot: a fantastic review of the Urban Tarot, I’m compelled, it sounds like an amazing deck!

Jess Carlson shares: How to Read Tarot Cards Like a Badass. Loved this!  Totally agree.

Summer Solstice Community Reading

A Wooly Reading

I cast a summer solstice spread to help folks to help heal and provide support and love to those who are in need.


1. Sunrise. What is your source of abundant growth?
King of Pentacles

This card to me is both about grounding yourself and freeing yourself from constraints. The pentacles are the suit of earth and of material physical things. But notice how this King has literally taken the bull by the horns and seems almost to float above it. It’s a card that you have to look at twice to make sure you’ve seen it the right way up. He has the support of the entire suit below him and he has mastery over it. When you take good care of yourself you can achieve great things. As a community this encourages you both to be this stable king and to seek out those who embody this king’s energy. We all should support each other as we move through a world that is sometimes hostile to us.

2. Bonfire. Where do you shine brightest? How do you illuminate the world? Adversely, what do you fear to show the world? What holds you back from exposing your greatness?
Nine of Chalices – reversed

This card talks about our fears as we look ahead to the future together. The figure on the bench looks into a future that is bright and glowing, but behind them chaotic energy still swirls, threatening to creep into the idyllic scene. This card also showed reversed, as a community we’re finding out bright future blocked and unreachable at times.

Our current political climate is hostile to us. People of color are being killed by the very forces that are supposed to protect and serve, trans folks are being stripped of their rights and denied equal protections, women are being systematically denied their reproductive rights.

As a community we’re searching for that bright future that the card depicts but we aren’t sure how we can get there from where we’re sitting. We shine brightest when we come together to support ALL of our community. We don’t want to be afraid to show our true selves to the world but it feels unsafe to do that.

3. Sunset. What is it that you have to give?
Five of Swords – reversed

The five of swords is a card of conflict, a battle is happening in our midst. There’s also a distraction at one side as one of the combatants finds a butterfly and drops their swords.

This card speaks to the divisions we’ve allowed to grow in our communities. Rifts between communities of color and queer communities, rifts between gay and lesbian and trans communities. Those who oppose us encourage those rifts to widen, driving wedges between us. They know that by isolating and dividing our communities they can weaken us. This card is a reminder that we need to come together. When we all support one another we are stronger.

Don’t turn your swords against your community. Save that fight for where it’s most needed. Resist the temptation to draw distinctions between different groups. Don’t allow your own community to “Other” people who are different. Bring everyone in and we have to use our privilege to help uplift the people who aren’t being heard.

4. Summer sun. Overview of the strengths of your relationships between friends, family, and lovers.
Eight of Pentacles – reversed

This card is a beautiful card for this position of summer sun. It depicts a person watering sunflowers. This is a reminder to nurture your relationships. Another message of coming together for mutual growth and abundance. Take the time to water new growth and carefully tend to old growth as well. We can all benefit from the harvest to come when we work together to help it grow.

In the reversed position it’s also a reminder to conserve, there may be lean times ahead so we really need to focus on ensuring this harvest can bear fruit.

5. Summer shadow. Overview of the weaknesses of your relationships between friends, family, and lovers.
Two of Chalices

Summer is a fantastic time to fall in love.  There are scores of songs in our pop culture consciousness about summer love.  The message in this card about relationships is to be careful not to disappear into a single relationship and forget about the rest of your community. New relationships are powerfully compelling and can be wonderful things. But don’t forget the rest of your friends and the community around you as you get swept away by a new lover or lovers.

6. Sacred herbs. Overview of your relationship to the green world including the food you eat.
The Heirophant

This is a call to listen to a trusted teacher or mentor. The summer is a fantastic time to get out into the green world. Visit a state park, head to the beach, partake of the abundance of nature around you. Visit your local farmers’ market and fill your meals with fresh local vegetables. The heirophant can represent authority figures which often come off as negative, but finding them here in this particular position shows the Heirophant as a force of nature. Find him in the Green Man of the woods, in Mother Nature, and in the wild places of the world, find a place of stillness in your mind and listen to what they have to say.

This is also a reminder to take breaks when you need them. Unplug your phone and get away from the 24/7 news cycle of violence and despair. Take the time to move through the growing things so you can come back refreshed.

7. Land spirits. Overview of your relationship to the land spirits.

The Lovers represents a powerful connection. It could be to a new lover, it could be for a new project or business or a cause. This card showing up here reinforces that message from the Hierophant that this summer is a time to get out into the world and soak it in.

8. Stirrings. What part of you is awakening as the wheel turns towards the first harvest?
Three of Chalices

I can’t think of a better card to cap off a community reading. This is a card of celebrating with your community. Come together in joy, dance, share food and drink, gather around a campfire and tell stories. Celebrate the achievements that we’ve worked for. Be with your friends, family, and chosen family.

Happy Pride, everyone. ❤

Weekly Readings

Weekly Readings from Wooly Witchy

The Tarot Lady just shared a post about her Writing Process which was fantastic and gave me some great ideas.  As usual 🙂  Also, if you’re not already following Theresa Reed (The Tarot Lady) what are you waiting for?!  She’s awesome and she’s kinda one of my Tarot heroes 🙂 I also just got myself one of her classes called Start It Up: The e-course for tarot readers who want to start a legit biz… but don’t know where to start.

 Beth of Little Red Tarot shared another great post in her Fool’s Journey series on Autostraddle:  Same card different decks – about reading the same tarot card in different tarot decks and how it impacts the reading of them.

Another from the Tarot Lady about creative processes:  Tarot Deck Creators Share their Creative Processes.

Weekly Readings

Weekly Readings from Wooly Witchy

I’m not a third shifter, but this article on getting better sleep when you’re sleeping during the day had some great suggestions anyone could use.

Asali’s review of the Extraordinary Oracle has reminded me just how much I want a copy of this deck!

From Ethony: 7 Surefire ways to get a great reading.  I agree with these 🙂  Especially on the idea of having a clear idea of what you want to ask.  The more specific you are, the better information you’re going to get.  Also definitely approach your reading with an open mind.

5 new Tarot Decks to back on Kickstarter.  I am totally enabling you all to get All The Decks!

The Difference between Inspiration and Imitation.

8 Ways for Non-Muslims to Support LGBTQ Muslims this Ramadan

I’m dipping my toe into the realm of sewing my own clothes and this post just made me say YES DAMNIT – How Sewing Helped me Find a Home in my Own Body.

Nosy Witch Questions

Nosy Witch Questions (2)

Death: Do you believe in, or have experience with past lives?

I would consider myself open to the possibility but not certain.  Once or twice in my life I’ve had these intense dreams where I found myself in the past living a different life and knowing that it was me, but I wasn’t my present self.  In one of these dreams I was a member of the French Resistance in Paris during World War II.  There were details that were just so vivid, like the quality of light under the street lamps in the night and this very real sense of danger as I ducked around the occupying soldiers.

It certainly gave me pause and it does make me lean strongly in the direction of believing that it could have been a past life echo.  I would love to learn a more about people’s theories of past lives and that sort of thing.

How about you lot?  I’d love to know what you think.

Nosy Witch Questions

Nosy Witch Questions (2)

The Hanged Man: Which area of witchcraft are you least familiar with?

I don’t know much about hexing or cursing or binding, beyond what you hear about in pop culture.  I also don’t know much about Bruja or Santeria workings and that kind of thing.  I would love to learn more about it.  I don’t think I would try to work it myself because I wouldn’t feel right about it because it’s not my heritage and I don’t want to be appropriative of something that doesn’t belong to me.  But I think there are definitely things I could learn from witches of color.

I think the best way to do that learning to find other practitioners who you respect and listen to what they’re saying.  I’m not advocating stealing or adopting their practices en masse, but building awareness of the diversity in witchcraft only helps us.  The workings of my sister witches have so much to teach me and I’m always thankful to learn from others, just as I hope that my practice can help other people too.

Also if you’re a witchy person of color and you’ve got a blog where you talk about your practice I would love to read it, share your links in the comments!

Nosy Witch Questions: Wheel of Fortune and Justice

Nosy Witch Questions (2)

Wheel of Fortune: Do you practice palmistry?

Nope.  So here’s another question.

Justice: Do you work with plants and herbs?

I do.  I’d love to find more ways to include green witchcraft into my practice.  I used to always think that I had a black thumb and would kill plants, but over the years I’ve gotten greener.  It sort of helps that we have a house with yard space now so we’re not trying to grow plants in the darkness or on a tiny porch filled with wasps (who built a nest in our heating vent and caused the heat and air to stop working) while living above the asshole downstairs.  Seriously, in our last apartment there was this guy downstairs who used to scream at neighborhood children and once came upstairs late at night and banged on our door after we had gone to bed to shout at us about making too much noise.  Seriously, bitch, we were ASLEEP.  I made the apartment complex install a door chain after that.

But all that’s behind us.  We have a pretty house with a little bit of green space and we’re slowly starting to learn how to increase the plants around our house.  We’ve rejuvenated two beds right in front of our house, built a bed beside our driveway, one around a big tree in our backyard, and we still have some beds that I want to transform.  I need to get a little bit better at long range gardening planning, at the moment we sort of just plonk things down into open spaces and see what happens.

But I LOVE IT!  And we’re learning so much!


Nosy Witch Questions: The Hermit

Nosy Witch Questions (2)

The Hermit: Are you a solitary witch or are you part of a coven?

I’m pretty much solitary, unless you count my sweet wife.  We practice alone together.  We’re an eclectic pair of witches who love tea and cats and glitter.  I’d sort of love to be a part of a group, but I’m a little hesitant to join something as structured as a coven.  I don’t like a lot of dogma in my practice.  I would imagine if I found just the right group I’d enjoy it.

I’ve participated in a few weekend group witchy things and I’ve loved those.  I’ve met some more local people a few times but I’m a big introvert and I often find that I like the idea of practicing with a group rather than actually doing it.

Nosy Witch Questions: The Hermit

Nosy Witch Questions (2)

The Hermit: Are you a solitary witch or are you part of a coven?

I’m pretty much solitary, unless you count my sweet wife.  We practice alone together.  We’re an eclectic pair of witches who love tea and cats and glitter.  I’d sort of love to be a part of a group, but I’m a little hesitant to join something as structured as a coven.  I don’t like a lot of dogma in my practice.  I would imagine if I found just the right group I’d enjoy it.

I’ve participated in a few weekend group witchy things and I’ve loved those.  I’ve met some more local people a few times but I’m a big introvert and I often find that I like the idea of practicing with a group rather than actually doing it.

Weekly Readings

Weekly Readings from Wooly Witchy

From Little Red Tarot: unconventional ways of reading reversals.  Good stuff!

Benebell Wen shares a review of the Good Tarot.

One note on this post.  Benebell talks about cultural appropriation in the context of a Buddha figure appearing on the 10 of Water and goes on to say that cultural appropriation isn’t a thing and that people are blowing it way out of proportion.  I definitely respect her opinions about the two issues she raised in her post, but I think that saying it’s “not a thing” is going a little too far.  There are legitimate issues of cultural appropriation that are hurtful and shitty.  Are people going to little bit crazy about it right now?  Perhaps, but seriously, if people taking it a little too far is how we get important issues talked about, then GREAT.  Let’s talk more about this stuff.  It’s not okay to fetishize people and cultures while benefiting from their marginalization.

Ethony shares a list of Tarot Decks that are great for beginners.

From Little Red Tarot: a review of the Hidden Light Tarot: an elemental, magical, Jewitchy deck.

American Women Are Reclaiming The “Plan C” Abortion Method: A Comic

Also from LRT a review of the Sasuraibito Tarot.  The deck looks amazing and just jumped onto my wish list!  If you’re in the UK you can buy it from LRT, or in the US you can get it from the creator’s Etsy store.

Escapist video games.

As an asthmatic witch these Smoke Free Purifications is a fantastic resource!