Weekly Readings

Weekly Readings from Wooly Witchy

As I mentioned before, I’m way behind so this one will be long as I catch up on a few weeks wonderful linking!

A Halloween Crocheted Wreath that anyone can make.  The pattern is even free!

From Lavender Moon: rebirth and renewal: a tarot spread for healing.

Ethony offers some advice on what to do when a Tarot reading goes all to crap.

Benebell Wen has created a downloadable set of RWS cards with keywords and planetary associations and some other customizable options for anyone wanting to learn their cards, or for anyone who wants to enhance their understanding.  It’s a pretty cool project!  Check it out!

Asali Earthwork shares some open readings.  It’s kind of just the right nudge that I needed to remind me to do the same.  I need to read more and share more.  She also created a lovely Two Waters Tea Spread, go check it out!

On Little Red Tarot: an interview with Brettley Mason about their Etsy shop Teal Pansy Jewelry.  My Etsy wishlist just got a little bigger!

Also on Little Red Tarot from Andi Grace: I believe you: a tarot spread for femme survivors.

And one more LRT, Asali shares an interview with Courtney Alexander, creator of the Dust II Onyx: A Melanated Tarot Deck.  You can support this deck creation by heading over to the Kickstarter!

Andi Grace again on setting boundaries and some wonderful resources (books and workshops) about helping you learn to develop and maintain your own boundaries.

Something that sounds fun: a webseries about queer ghost hunters!

Beth shares a Tarot reading for an anonymous querent over on Autostraddle.  I find it fascinating to see how other people read cards and see how I would read it and what I can learn from the difference.  Also, I think Beth, founder of Little Red Tarot, is way cool, as you might have noticed, I reshare a lot of her stuff.

10 Best Transwomen in Comics!

An article about the appropriation of Native culture in fashion and at the end there is a list of places where you can buy items from ACTUAL NATIVE PERSONS if you want to support the actual people who are from the cultures.

I was a Girl Scout for 13 years and my experiences were some of the most empowering and self affirming of my LIFE.  So I’m always down to hear about what fellow girls and women are doing, and this article made my day!  This NYC Girl Scout Troop Is Making Our Feminist Dreams Come True.  Also You can help Jenkins and the enterprising young ladies of Troop 3484 reach their goal by donating here.

Feminist Nuns Cycling Across Nepal to Protest Human Trafficking.

Emma Watson delivers a powerful speech about sexual violence.