Daily Draw: Ace of Swords

The Daily Draw updatedToday’s card is the Ace of Swords from the Ostara Tarot.

It’s a pretty dang apt card for me easing back into trying to get my daily draw practice back into gear.  The mouse king stands victoriously on the handle of the sword.  The ace of swords represents issue of the mind.  Reason and logic and mental clarity.  It’s time to stop being the mouse and use that sword to cut through all the crap clouding my brain.

Either that or there is a brainy issue heading my way and I’ll need the sword to wrangle all of it.IMG_4805

Daily Drawing: The Devil Weilds Two Swords

The Daily Draw updatedI’ve drawn the Devil several times recently, and that’s always a sign that I need to pay attention to something a little more closely.  This morning when I was shuffling for a daily draw two cards fell out and fluttered to land on my feet under my desk.  I picked them up and huh, there it was again.  The Devil.

The Devil usually talks about bondage and addiction.  I’ve seen it talked about representing drugs or abusive co-dependent relationships.  For me it’s not nearly so sensational.  The Two of Swords is all about making choices.


The Devil and the Two of Swords from the Dark Days Tarot

My particular devil is food, sugary, salty, snacky, carb heavy food.  It’s my addiction and I have diabetes so I really have to work hard to keep that particular devil in check.  On Saturday I gave in a little too much, a lemon scone with raspberry jam, a Kouign Aman, a cheese quesadilla, pancakes, and too many triscuits.  Normally, what this would do is cause my blood sugar to go sky high.  And maybe it did and I just didn’t notice.

But what happened next really surprised me (sorry, too many click-bait articles).  I started feeling nauseous and shaky and I found myself sitting in the bathroom sweating buckets.  I had to text my wife to bring me my diabetic testing kit to check my blood sugar.  And it was low, really low.  The lowest low I’ve personally ever had.  Thankfully it wasn’t a “race you to the hospital” low, but it needed treating urgently.  My wife, because she’s AWESOME, grabbed my starbursts and brought them to me.  Starbursts used to be one of my favorite candies, but now they’re my blood sugar recovery tool.  I’m not allowed to just eat them anymore because they are straight up sugar and they send blood sugar racing skywards.  I had a bunch of those and after about a half an hour I wasn’t sweaty and shaky anymore and my numbers were where they ought to be.  And then I crashed and fell asleep in my easy chair for a while.  Bouncing back from a low like that takes a LOT out of me, I’m exhausted and zoned out for a while, and it sucks.

And then, these two cards literally fell out of my deck while shuffling.  They’re a little on the nose.  I’ve got an addiction and I’ve got two choices, I can either make healthy responsible choices or I can end up sick and weak and wasting my days.

So today I had a protein bar for breakfast, packed a healthy lunch, and I’m having Sriracha almonds as my mid morning snack.  And I’m feeling healthy and my numbers are good.

Thanks for the message, Tarot, I’ll try to keep it up.

Daily Draw: Seven of Pentacles

The Daily Draw updatedDoes this card look familiar to you?  That’s because it is!  I just pulled this as a daily draw on 10/25.  So I guess I still have some work to do with the seven of Pentacles.  Maybe it’s a hint to do some more work at our house.  We’re sort of in the middle of a re configuring of the master bedroom, but it’s stalled a little.

pentacles7I can take a hint.  Get back to it! I’ll definitely appreciate the fruits of my labors if I tackle the giant mountain of laundry.

Where in your life can you appreciate the fruits of your labors?  Where in your life do you need to focus more effort in order to reap positive results?

Daily Draw: The Sun

The Daily Draw updatedThere’s something about my pagan witchy self that always distrusts the Sun card just a little bit because of the association with God and Christianity.  The depiction of the Sun card in the Night Vale tarot deck shows the neighboring Town Desert Bluffs.  For episode after episode we’re taught by Cecil, the radio host of the show, that Desert Bluffs is bad, the people are not to be trusted.  They worship a Smiling God instead of the traditional Night Vale worship conducted in Blood Stone Circles.

But lately, we’ve been finding out that maybe those Desert Bluffs people aren’t so bad 19-the-sunbad.  Seeing this in my daily draw (and I randomly chose this deck for today) reads maybe like a sign that I ought to rethink my knee-jerk reaction to the Sun card.

And going back to basics and reading about this card tells me that it’s about assurance and enlightenment.

Thank you, daily draw, for reminding me that it’s never too late to re-evaluate what you think you know, and that there is always something more to learn.

Daily Draw: Seven of Pentacles

The Daily Draw updatedToday’s pull was the Seven of Pentacles.  It traditionally means appreciating your hard pentacles7work and maybe harvesting what you planted.  It can also indicate an evaluation of what you’re growing.  I had tarot.com pull a daily card for me today since I wasn’t in a position to be able to do a physical pull for myself today.  The pulled a card from the Paulina Tarot which is not a deck that I own, but it is one I like.  I’ve got her Joie de Vivre tarot deck.

This weekend was a combination of work and rest for my wife and I.  We took on our messy kitchen and cleaned out the fridge, which is a big project since we don’t do either often enough.  I am in the midst of reconfiguring our bedroom furniture as well to give us a more sanctuary like feeling.  The room had been fairly chaotic with our laundry everywhere and now, with the help of a room divider we already had, we have a comfy partitioned off sleeping area that is very cozy and restful.

This all makes good sense with this card.  I can really appreciate the fruits of my labors.  A clean workable kitchen and a restful sleeping place.  I also like how she looks evaluative here.  There are things I could change about the bedroom, so maybe I should give it a few days and then make adjustments.

Daily Draw: The Magician

The Daily Draw updatedMy daily draw for today was The Magician.  Perhaps a reminder that I need to take external

The Magician from the Universal Fantasy Tarot

action instead of getting lost in my head as I often tend to do. I’m reading it as a note to call my mom, and make sure not to neglect the physical aspects of self care.  Go to the gym, have the salad for lunch, and take a nap if I need one.

It might also be a kick in the pants to do some actual hands on magic.  Maybe a healing the_magicianritual for my mom or some charm crafting.  Something physical that I can send her that she can hold and touch.  Soak that thing with healing magic and mail it to her since I can’t be there.

Speaking of good self care and healthy eating, my wife and I made soup last night.  It’s a fantastic recipe called Soul Soothing African Peanut Stew and I can’t recommend it enough.  It’s from the Oh She Glows cookbook.  It’s a savory and spicy vegan soup/stew that is perfect for a chilly grey day (which we had yesterday and look to be having again today).

I hope all of you are having a lovely day as well.

Daily Draw: Five of Cups

The Daily Draw updatedToday’s draw came out the five of cups.

Yesterday I learned that my mom was going to have to have a second surgery on her knee5-cups which she had replaced in September.  She’s been struggling with the PT and I know it’s been incredibly difficult for her.  I flew out there to spend a week with her just a short while ago and to hear that she’s got to go through the entire thing again has left me feeling sad, anxious, and helpless.

This daily draw feels bang on the money.  It’s hard for me to focus on those two cups I’m holding when I know that my mother’s are all upended and I’m powerless to help.  She lives too far away for me to see her as often as I wish I could and I can’t afford air plane tickets.  I’m struggling right now with what I can do to help her without being there.  This card is telling me I need to focus in on what is here, what is positive.

I need to figure out how I can help my mom (and my dad) through this incredibly difficult time.  And I need to figure out how to stop worrying about this being the start of a downward spiral for my mom.

If anyone has some extra healing energies to spare, I’d be grateful if you’d send them in my family’s direction.

Daily Draw: Seven of Wands

The Daily Draw updatedI’m trying to get back into the habit of the Daily Draw.  Which, as every tarot course will


Seven of Wands from the Universal Fantasy Tarot

tell you, is a fantastic way of learning your cards and even after you’ve learned them, of deepening your connection to them.


Seven of Wands from the Shadowscapes Tarot

So I’m trying to do that.  And this morning I drew the Seven of Wands.  Which was the card of the day that I featured not four days ago.  And the really interesting thing is this: I’m away from my cards right now, but I forgot to draw one this morning so I went to a random tarot card website to have it pull one for me.

And it pulled the seven of wands again.

When cards repeat themselves it’s generally a good idea to pay attention to them.  Especially when they show themselves in such different ways.

As I talked about before, the seven of wands is about standing your ground, even when the odds seem stacked against you.  I guess I’ll need to look for an area where I might be baking down.  A challenge at work comes to mind, so maybe it means I really should write that email.