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The Hanged Man: Which area of witchcraft are you least familiar with?

I don’t know much about hexing or cursing or binding, beyond what you hear about in pop culture.  I also don’t know much about Bruja or Santeria workings and that kind of thing.  I would love to learn more about it.  I don’t think I would try to work it myself because I wouldn’t feel right about it because it’s not my heritage and I don’t want to be appropriative of something that doesn’t belong to me.  But I think there are definitely things I could learn from witches of color.

I think the best way to do that learning to find other practitioners who you respect and listen to what they’re saying.  I’m not advocating stealing or adopting their practices en masse, but building awareness of the diversity in witchcraft only helps us.  The workings of my sister witches have so much to teach me and I’m always thankful to learn from others, just as I hope that my practice can help other people too.

Also if you’re a witchy person of color and you’ve got a blog where you talk about your practice I would love to read it, share your links in the comments!


Card of the Day: The Hanged Woman


Today’s card is the Hanged Woman from the Manga Tarot.

This card is more often named the Hanged Man, but you lovely readers already know that I like when a deck takes a different perspective on gender and sexuality.  The Manga Tarot IMG_0637does that often, showing women as warriors and men as nurturers in a lot of different ways. If they did a little better with difference in skin tone it would make the deck even more awesome.

In this depiction of the Hanged Woman we see a female bodied person standing on her hands underneath a waterfall.  It brings to mind that age old trope of the person seeking enlightenment by meditating under a waterfall.  I can only imagine the sensation of water roaring all around you, you’d have to close your eyes and all you’d be able to hear would be the sound of the water falling over you and crashing on the rocks around you.

Some of the meanings of the Hanged Woman (or Man or Person) are surrender and seeing things from a new perspective.  In the RWS illustration we see a man literally suspended by an ankle.  His suspension shows a presumably involuntary restriction, while this card takes a different approach.  The figure in this card stands on her hands suspended in the water of her own free will.  Nothing is hold her in place save for her own resolve.  She is surrendering to the rush of the water fall all around her in order to gain a new perspective.  Perhaps this is part of her training as she learns to become a warrior or a healer or a leader.  As she is shown here you can’t tell any of those things, we’re left without the visual cues, like a uniform, or a medical bag, that would normally signal those occupations.  I like that about this adaptation of the card, it’s a further instruction to surrender, don’t try to force a role onto her, accept the unknowable and you might gain a new perspective.

The Hanged Woman offers an alternative to the Fight/Flight dichotomy.  When we’re mired in a conflict those two options sometimes appear as our only options.  This card asks you to consider a third option, surrender.  When this card appears it’s a sign not to fight the issue or immediately run away, this card asks you to take a wait-and-see approach or to try to see the issue from someone else’s perspective.  Maybe this thing isn’t so bad, it could be that you don’t understand it yet.  As always, be gentle with yourself when you’re going through conflict, self care is very important, but be open to learning new things as well.