Nosy Witch Questions: The High Priestess

Nosy Witch Questions (2)The High Priestess: How did you first discover your path?

That is an excellent question.  I’m not a hundred percent certain, discovering my path has been an evolving slow path of discovery over time.  And I expect that it will continue to be an evolving thing as I continue to grow and change.  My path is a meandering one and I can’t see around all the corners, and I’m happy with that.  It’s kind of like how my Tarot style isn’t predictive.  I don’t think I can see the future, but I definitely think we can get insight on what’s happening with ourselves in this current moment and how to take control of our destiny and help create our futures.

I was raised sort of generically Protestant, we would go to church on Christmas and Easter with the occasional detour to church on other random Sundays as well.  I went to a few assorted Sunday school programs, nothing too memorable.  And I had a youth group for… I don’t know maybe a few months?  Nothing that ever super impressed me.  When I got to college I started learning about other options, like agnosticism, and atheism, and paganism, and just about every other-ism there is.

I don’t really remember when pagan-y witchy stuff just clicked into place, but I like it.  I like the Wheel of the Year, I like the way we follow the rhythm of the seasons and I love Goddess thing just feels comfortable.

In my day job I’m a librarian and I love to do background reading.  At first it sort of drove me nuts that there wasn’t a central authoritative text that I could read and know everything I wanted.  So I read every book and website I could find, and you’ll recall the librarian thing, that means I found a LOT.  And I’m still finding witchy books that I haven’t read yet.  I haven’t yet read all of the ‘classical’ texts yet even.

It’s like that with Tarot (and with most things I get interested in).  I want to do all the background reading.  I think the best way to learn about something is to get a huge variety of thoughts and teachings on it.  No one person is going to have all the answers, and I’d be seriously wary of anyone who claims to.

These days I consider myself a pagany witch. I feel moved out in Nature or when I’m seeing people support and encourage each other.  I think we can find the divine in each other and in nature when we’re paying attention. I feel honored when people trust me enough to ask me to read for them and allow me to help them in finding their way on their paths.  It’s a responsibility that I take very seriously and I find it amazing to be a part of.

So that’s my path, so to speak, an evolving winding path that I keep discovering new parts of.  I’d be happy to help you take steps to find or move forward on yours.


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