Card of the Day: Queen of Wands


Today’s card is the Queen of Wands from the Happy Tarot.

IMG_0458After a brief hiatus I’m back to the card of the day series, without further ado here’s the Happy Tarot’s Queen of Wands. Right off the bat I like this card.  It’s got cats on it.  And any card with cats is a card I like.  One of these days I really should treat myself to one of the cat Tarot decks.

The Queen of wands is typically regarded as a fiery and sexual queen.  I’ve probably said this every time I talk about the wands in this deck, but I love that her staff (wand) is candy.  It looks like spun sugar candy that was wound around her staff in a magical ritual where there was dancing and spinning and lots of sugar and candy.  I can imagine her twirling with staff in hand, eyes closed, to amazing music, while she crafts her magic.  That’s probably why her cat is socked out asleep at her feet.  Of course, the cat could just be sleeping because, you know, cat.

I like the juxtaposition of this imagery that comes to live in my head alongside the image of her sitting serenely on her throne with that little quirky smile on her face.  She got all those fiery creative energies at her beck and call.  She’s the person you call if you’ve got too many projects on your mind and you can’t get your attention focused on just one.  She can help you bring your racing brain into control.  She’ll get you on track, and you’ll probably still have time to pet the cat.


Card of the Day: Queen of Wands


Today’s card is the Queen of Wands from the Prisma Visions Tarot.

IMG_0704Oh my goodness, how much do I love the court cards in the Prisma Visions deck?  A whole huge lot.  I’ve waxed poetical about them in the deck review, actually talked about the queen in particular, but I’m giving her an entire post all  to herself now as the card of the day.

The fiery energy of the Wands suit is very evident in this card, from the fire around her feet and in her footsteps behind her to the fiery sunset sky behind her.  There’s a beautiful creative and spiritual power in the wands suit.

As with all court cards, this can represent a person in your life who embodies this wands energy, or it can indicate a type of energy that is either appearing in excess or needs to be embodied more.

You can see that this Queen is caught up in the swirling energy of this card, to me it almost reads like a dance.  Is the energy moving her or is she moving the energy?  It’s hard to say here, is she trapped by the energy or held up by it?  How you read this card could depend on where it appears in a spread.  As a standalone card I view her as the mistress of this energy.  The full open flower is fresh and new, only seconds ago it was a tightly wound bud, full of potential energy but not yet brought to flower.

 I’ve seen the Queen of Wands referred to as the most sexual of the queens and you can see a little bit of that here, the opening of the flower can be read as a metaphor for sexual contact.  I think the way I read this queen, I lean towards a sensual reading, which can include the sexual aspect of sensuality but isn’t limited to just that.  It might include enjoying the feeling of silken rose petals on your fingers, the scent of the flower, an appreciation of the sight of the petals unfurling.  Experiencing the world with all your senses and fully indulging in that sensory experience, that is the message of the Queen of Wands.

Card of the Day: Queen of Cups


Today’s card of the day is the Queen of Cups from the Universal Goddess Tarot

IMG_0561In the Universal Goddess Tarot the Queen of Cups depicts Yemaya, Yoruban ruler of the sea. She is the goddess of generosity, good feelings, love, tolerance, and fidelity.  A very appropriate goddess for the Queen of Cups.  There’s a very maternal energy in this card.

Yemaya sits on a throne constructed of seashells and what looks like octopus arms.  Her hair also sort of echoes those octopus arms as well with her dreadlocked hair.  Strands of pearls adorn her multi layered dress and her jewelry is made of more pearls and seashells.  She is serene and in control of her surroundings.  Even though the ocean is clearly moving around her, shown by the movement of her hair and the bubbles around her, She sits serene and untroubled.

When the Queen of cups appears in a spread she’s a calming and comforting influence.  She has a very nurturing energy, someone easy to talk to who actively listens.  She offers gentle but firm advice.  She will comfort you when someone breaks your heart but she won’t enable you to go back to the jerk to let them do it again.  She has mastered her emotions, but that phrase doesn’t quite fit.  In our culture when we speak of mastering emotions the phrase tends to connote a stoic man who is unaffected while anger and grief rage around him, and that’s not this queen at all.  She feels deeply and maturely, but she does not let her emotions destroy her.  Instead she holds space to honor all the feelings of the Cups suit and helps others to learn to honor their own.

She may appear in a spread when you’re feeling overwhelmed.  She can help you understand that it’s okay to cry when you need to and to help you ensure other people don’t treat your poorly because you feel.  Trust her advice and honor your feelings, it’s much more healthy to give them the space they need than to just try to force them down.  Let the water of her oceans wash and soothe you.