Weekly Readings

Weekly Readings from Wooly Witchy

This report shows that Girl Scouts is freaking awesome. ¬†If you were wondering if you should sign up your daughters, the answer is yes ūüôā ¬†Being in the Girl Scouts did more for my self esteem and sense of empowerment than anything else in my life. –¬†‚ÄúThese girls display more positive life outcomes compared with non-Girl Scout alumnae. These outcomes pertain to sense of self, life satisfaction, leadership, life success, community service, and civic engagement.‚ÄĚ

Why the Resistance Must Be Accessible.

Saturday Morning Cartoons on Autostraddle: Finding your place at a protest and in the resistance.

Some self care that I’d like to indulge in – Make your own lotion bars.

Magic School Bus: Ms. Frizzle as a Queer Legacy.

Make your own Honey tea stirrers.

Worts and Cunning has a great tea recommendation for easy evenings and self care. ¬†And I really loved, and needed to hear and share this advice: ¬†“When I’m feeling out of sorts, my self-care reassessment includes the following:¬†Acknowledge you’re probably running on some false narratives. Case in point – if I take 30 minutes to stretch and meditate I will let down the entire radical movement attempting to overthrow the patriarchy. Guess what? That‚Äôs just not true.”

And from that above link I came to this one:  The World is on Fire, but You Still Need to Eat Lunch.

4 Things Men Need to do Before Calling Themselves Feminists.


Weekly Readings

Weekly Readings from Wooly Witchy

From Garden Therapy: How to make your own clay aromatherapy pendants

Photo series of Planned Parenthood Supporters along with why they support PP.

Autostraddle shares 35 Awesome ways to describe your gender! ¬†I didn’t come up with it, but I’m totally #4. ¬†And #34. ¬†Also see wearing a plaid fleece lined shirt over a super girly v neck blouse with flowers on. ¬†With jeans and busted ass sneakers.

From LRT: a ritual for saying goodbye

This came to me via Knitty.com – Ethical Fibre Choices Make All the Difference

An essay in support of tea being just as awesome as wine, also tips on how to get the best tasting tea without needing any special equipment.  I can completely agree.  Tea is Amazing!

 Autostraddle takes a look at some statistics about queer women on TV and just how many lesbians were murdered this year.  Spoilers: lots.  Damnit, media!

My Six Favorite video game wives: I can vouch for Mjoll the Lioness! ¬† I married her in one of my Skyrim games. ¬†Skyrim has some great GLBT integration in terms of romance (it’s not perfect, but they did well), but DAMN those Stormcloaks are racist AF! ¬†I still enjoy and recommend the game. ¬†I married a cool Ork lady in another plot line. ¬†And a mercenary bard guy as¬†my boy character. ¬†Thieves Guild forever! Good times!

How to Hold Space Рwhat does it mean to hold space for someone and how do you do it?