Weekly Readings


How to be of Service  In spiritual communities, it’s often believed that at your lowest point, to be of service to someone else can turn your entire situation around. That looking past our own suffering for ways to alleviate the suffering of someone else is a key to happiness and fulfillment.
No time like the present to test the theory, right?

Use Your Words: how speech can shape the revolution.

A new tarot spread from Asali Earthwork about transitioning from Winter to Spring.

Also from Asali: Ritual and Honey for casting away.

What I’m knitting: Eternal Spring socks: because everyone needs some red lacey socks!
What I’m playing: Lego Jurassic World (SO FUN)
What I’m eating: I’m experimenting with meal replacement bars because I’ve been making lots of terrible eating choices and my health is suffering because of it.  These are helping me keep my blood sugar in check.
What I bought: All the unicorn related sock yarns!  From the Lemonade Shop and Sheepy Fibers.
What I’m learning: how to quilt!  I found a craftsy class I liked and I’ve sewn a simple patchwork quilt top!  Then I went on to make a wee pieced block.  It turned out all wrong and wonky, but I learned!  Who knew you had to add on seam allowances?   Well, I would have if I’d read the instruction section 😉  Sometimes I have too much Swords (I-know-how-to-do-it-already!) energy and not quite enough earthy Pentacles (let’s-read-the-instructions-first) energy.  I’m great at starting and less great at finishing.  Did I mention that my sewing machine wasn’t working and I figured out how to fix it all by myself?  Pretty proud of that little feat 🙂




Weekly Readings

Weekly Readings from Wooly Witchy

From Garden Therapy: How to make your own clay aromatherapy pendants

Photo series of Planned Parenthood Supporters along with why they support PP.

Autostraddle shares 35 Awesome ways to describe your gender!  I didn’t come up with it, but I’m totally #4.  And #34.  Also see wearing a plaid fleece lined shirt over a super girly v neck blouse with flowers on.  With jeans and busted ass sneakers.

From LRT: a ritual for saying goodbye

This came to me via Knitty.com – Ethical Fibre Choices Make All the Difference

An essay in support of tea being just as awesome as wine, also tips on how to get the best tasting tea without needing any special equipment.  I can completely agree.  Tea is Amazing!

 Autostraddle takes a look at some statistics about queer women on TV and just how many lesbians were murdered this year.  Spoilers: lots.  Damnit, media!

My Six Favorite video game wives: I can vouch for Mjoll the Lioness!   I married her in one of my Skyrim games.  Skyrim has some great GLBT integration in terms of romance (it’s not perfect, but they did well), but DAMN those Stormcloaks are racist AF!  I still enjoy and recommend the game.  I married a cool Ork lady in another plot line.  And a mercenary bard guy as my boy character.  Thieves Guild forever! Good times!

How to Hold Space – what does it mean to hold space for someone and how do you do it?