Weekly Readings

Weekly Readings from Wooly Witchy

How to read the card on the bottom of the deck.

Useful organization for your life: How to Make and Use Packing Cubes

 I’ve been doing pretty much nothing but sewing on my English paper pieced quilt lately.  I learned how last week and when I get into something like that I tend to go a little bit gang busters on it for a while.  It’s SO FUN!

hexie two

In case anyone wants to play along at home, this tutorial is FANTASTIC!  I use Wonder Clips instead of paper clips for mine though.  Those clips are amazing.

Weekly Readings

Weekly Readings from Wooly Witchy

 From Northern Lights Witch: a Spell to Help Lift Depression

From Radiolab (one of my favorite podcasts) the Story of Alex Hai, a transgender gondolier in Venice.
We travel to Venice, Italy with reporters Kristen Clark and David Conrad, where they meet gondolier Alex Hai. On the winding canals in the most hidden parts of Venice, we learn about the nearly millenia old tradition of the Venetian Gondolier, and how Alex was forced into a 20 year battle against this job that he loved, and, in some ways, himself. 

In more Girl-Scouts-Fucking-Rock News: Girl Scouts Will Start Offering Cybersecurity Badges to Promote Interest in Science And Math Fields.

From Queen of Wands Tarot: a great essay on reading the Death card  – Death is Death.

From Asali – a lovely thoughtful review of the Personal Space Tarot.

Cosmic Tarot shares some Tarot Affirmations.

A Tarot spread to Detox your Life

Representation Matters in the Spiritual Community.

What I’m Reading: Date Knight by Bridget Essex (just finished it, OMG GOOD.  Sexy lesbian Lady Knights, if you haven’t read this series give it a go!!  Start with a Knight to Remember)
What I’m knitting: my Shawl-Blanket Find Your Fade is ALMOST DONE!  This week I bet!
What I’m listening to: Born to Make History by Dean Fujioka, it’s the opening to my new favorite show: Yuri on Ice!
What I’m watching: see above.  Yuri on Ice!!!  SO MUCH QUEER FIGURE SKATING ANIME.

Weekly Readings

Weekly Readings from Wooly Witchy

Woman walking strong: I stopped giving way on the sidewalk and found my power.  I have had this experience too.  This article talks about the subtle ways that women avoid taking up space when walking and the way that men just expect to have right of way.  I’ve sometimes done this and it does make me feel good.  I deserve to take up space.  Walking like I had a right to be there, which I do, stopped me feeling angry at other people who didn’t pay the least bit of attention, it just made me feel strong.  Fellow sisters, TAKE UP SPACE, you deserve it. ❤

From Northwest Witch – Six Signs a Plant Wants to Work With You

From Dark Days Tarot – How to read a Square Tarot Card, perfectly appropriate given her square deck 🙂

A Spread to help you change your mindset around an issue.  I can see this being very useful when I read!  MindSet Mover Spread

On Little Red Tarot: a fantastic review of the Urban Tarot, I’m compelled, it sounds like an amazing deck!

Jess Carlson shares: How to Read Tarot Cards Like a Badass. Loved this!  Totally agree.

Weekly Readings

Weekly Readings from Wooly Witchy

The Tarot Lady just shared a post about her Writing Process which was fantastic and gave me some great ideas.  As usual 🙂  Also, if you’re not already following Theresa Reed (The Tarot Lady) what are you waiting for?!  She’s awesome and she’s kinda one of my Tarot heroes 🙂 I also just got myself one of her classes called Start It Up: The e-course for tarot readers who want to start a legit biz… but don’t know where to start.

 Beth of Little Red Tarot shared another great post in her Fool’s Journey series on Autostraddle:  Same card different decks – about reading the same tarot card in different tarot decks and how it impacts the reading of them.

Another from the Tarot Lady about creative processes:  Tarot Deck Creators Share their Creative Processes.

Weekly Readings

Weekly Readings from Wooly Witchy

I’m not a third shifter, but this article on getting better sleep when you’re sleeping during the day had some great suggestions anyone could use.

Asali’s review of the Extraordinary Oracle has reminded me just how much I want a copy of this deck!

From Ethony: 7 Surefire ways to get a great reading.  I agree with these 🙂  Especially on the idea of having a clear idea of what you want to ask.  The more specific you are, the better information you’re going to get.  Also definitely approach your reading with an open mind.

5 new Tarot Decks to back on Kickstarter.  I am totally enabling you all to get All The Decks!

The Difference between Inspiration and Imitation.

8 Ways for Non-Muslims to Support LGBTQ Muslims this Ramadan

I’m dipping my toe into the realm of sewing my own clothes and this post just made me say YES DAMNIT – How Sewing Helped me Find a Home in my Own Body.

Weekly Readings

Weekly Readings from Wooly Witchy

From Little Red Tarot: unconventional ways of reading reversals.  Good stuff!

Benebell Wen shares a review of the Good Tarot.

One note on this post.  Benebell talks about cultural appropriation in the context of a Buddha figure appearing on the 10 of Water and goes on to say that cultural appropriation isn’t a thing and that people are blowing it way out of proportion.  I definitely respect her opinions about the two issues she raised in her post, but I think that saying it’s “not a thing” is going a little too far.  There are legitimate issues of cultural appropriation that are hurtful and shitty.  Are people going to little bit crazy about it right now?  Perhaps, but seriously, if people taking it a little too far is how we get important issues talked about, then GREAT.  Let’s talk more about this stuff.  It’s not okay to fetishize people and cultures while benefiting from their marginalization.

Ethony shares a list of Tarot Decks that are great for beginners.

From Little Red Tarot: a review of the Hidden Light Tarot: an elemental, magical, Jewitchy deck.

American Women Are Reclaiming The “Plan C” Abortion Method: A Comic

Also from LRT a review of the Sasuraibito Tarot.  The deck looks amazing and just jumped onto my wish list!  If you’re in the UK you can buy it from LRT, or in the US you can get it from the creator’s Etsy store.

Escapist video games.

As an asthmatic witch these Smoke Free Purifications is a fantastic resource!

Weekly Readings

Weekly Readings from Wooly Witchy

15 tea recipes that will make you feel like a Potions Master

Beth on Autostraddle explores Which Tarot Queen is Your Mentor.  My Queen is our lady of Pentacles 🙂  I find so much happiness in feeding and nurturing my loved ones.  If I care about you, you’ll get food from me and I’ll probably try to teach you how to knit.  From the article:

We hear so much about ‘self-care’ and getting our needs met. The Queen of Pentacles shows us what these things look like in action. Grounded, down-to-earth, this is a person who really knows how to create solid foundations for themself, who puts a high value on the ‘little things’ in life, spending time in nature, eating good food, community, home, making stuff, doing work you love, and so on. And because they know how to practice self care, they’re great at providing community care, too! This queen is the one who’s always got the kettle on, who’ll offer you a bed for the night or bring a big tin of flapjacks to the protest to keep everyone going.

A little something fun: When Dancing The Quadrille, Don’t Be A Boor, And 19 More Etiquette Rules For Single Victorian Men.


What I’m reading: Kitchen Table Tarot by Melissa Cynova (Little Fox Tarot)
What I’m knitting: almost done those red socks, still working on my Fade.
What I’m eating: cheese poofs *sheepish* also my breakfast protein bars.  And yogurt.  Greek yogurt with lots of nuts.

Weekly Readings

Weekly Readings from Wooly Witchy

 I participated in Beth’s Little Red Tarot Grounding Roundtable – And it was really awesome to hear from others about how they view grounding and their practices.

From Asali Earthwork – Ritual and Honey: a caregiver’s journey.  This really struck a chord with me because of the caregiving role I took on with my gramma at the end of her life last year.  It was a good read and a timely reminder to care for ourselves while caring for others.

 A nifty little tutorial on sewing fabric baskets, I could use a stack of these in my studio.  They’d be perfect for holding spell candles, crystals, quilt binding clips, and a hundred other loose things.

What I’m knitting:  Eternal Spring socks (on the second sock finally!), Find Your Fade shawl still (on color five!)
What I’m reading: a book of poetry by Rumi and 78 Degrees of Wisdom.
What I’m watching: Ru Paul’s Drag Race season 7, hooray for Amazon Prime!
What I’m looking forward to:  Game night!  Although by the time this is posted, game night will have been last night *grin*

Weekly Readings


A lovely article by Andi Grace about setting and keeping boundaries: Hawthorne Heart.

This one is a little silly, but you can now buy witch emojis for your iPhone!  And it’s inclusive!  There are POC options 🙂  WitchEmoji.

Frustrating: Feminist isn’t a bad word: Some of the cast of the Handmaid’s Tale are calling the tale “humanist” and not feminist.

and another article that talks about how the Handmaid’s Tale is pretty Queer.  It also has a good section on the casting of a black woman to play Moira. Samira Wiley is awesome in everything so I was excited enough about that.  Still haven’t gotten to see the new series yet, I don’t have Hulu, but I’m going to have to get it at least long enough to watch the show.

From a quilting blog that I follow: a way to organize your scraps of fabric.  This is so relevant to my interests since I’ve started sewing so much more and now I have to wrestle with how to store my bits and pieces and scraps!

From Offbeat Home – 5 ways to be Period Positive and help end period stigma for everyone!

I really really want to make myself one of these mini nine patch pillows.  But I have no idea what I would do with a throw pillow… and I’m going to run out of wall space.  But I’ll figure something out.

Beth from LRT shares Ten People Free Decks you can choose if you don’t want people on your cards.