Nosy Witch Questions: Strength

Nosy Witch Questions (2)

Strength: Do you cast spells?

Actually not all that often.  I’ve worked in large rituals and I do like to do little energy raising sessions to send energy to people who need it.  But I don’t do much spell casting.  I do intention setting and meditation.  I’ve got a little personal mind block when it comes to spell casting I think.  All of the early things I read about casting spells had these little rhyming spoken parts which rubbed me the wrong way.  If rhyming spells is your thing, rock on.  There’s definitely something to rhythmic speech and poetry that changes it from regular speech and I can see how that would make for a great way to differentiate spell work from just talking.  It’s just not what works for me.

I use meditation and visualization when I’m working.  It’s what works for me and makes sense for me.

But who knows, my path has meanders and curves that I can’t see around yet, maybe I’m just waiting for the perfect spell to smack me upside the head.  Ask me in a year and it might be different!


Nosy Witch Questions: The Chariot

Nosy Witch Questions (2)

The Chariot: Favorite witchcraft tools to use?

Is it a little too on the nose to say Tarot cards?  *grin*  While, yes, it is a little bit obvious, they’re my favorite tools.  Thanks to a bit of a tarot renaissance and some truly awesome indie artists the world of Tarot cards is getting more and more diverse.  While we still have a long way to go in getting more diverse representation in Tarot, I am delighted at the progress that’s being made.  I can actually find queer witchy decks, years ago if I’d wanted that I would have had to create the deck myself from scratch and even if I had, I wouldn’t have had a way to share it. Now I can find a deck for just about any kind of energy I want to work with and that is amazing.  Now, if I could only stop buying new ones…

Kidding. Mostly, I’m going to keep on collecting them like the tarot magpie that I certainly am.  Even if I don’t get to read with all of them as often as would be great, I want to keep supporting deck creators by giving them my money in exchange for amazing decks.

I also like using herbs and plants, lavender is my absolute favorite plant ally.  This year I’m hoping to harvest some of my own home grown lavender that is growing in my gardens.

I also get a lot of use out of candles in my work.  I find the act of lighting a candle helps me clear and designate a space and time for sacred work.  It gives me something to focus on when I’m getting started.  Clear my thoughts, light the candle, and watch it flicker and dance.  I also like the ritual of choosing the appropriate color for what I’m working on.

What are your favorite tools?  What should I try next?


Nosy Witch Questions: The Lovers

Nosy Witch Questions (2)

The Lovers: Which sign or signs (zodiac or elements) are you most attracted to?

I like me some earthiness!  You know that quiet place you go to in your mind to unwind and relax?  Mine is a cottage that’s built at the edge of a sun-dappled forest and a huge field of windswept grasses, in the distance there’s a mountain with a water fall.  Inside the cottage there are rustic wooden tables and bundles of herbs drying over head and a hearth fire going.  I sink into a comfy sofa and have tea and scones and I have jar upon jar of dried and fresh herbs all ready for magic making.  Earthy comforting sanctuary.  I also imagine a water wheel outside.  It must power something in my magical cottage, but I haven’t explored that yet.  It could be that it represents my wife (she’s a Scorpio and I’m told that’s water).

I love going into herbalist shops where they have those walls of herb jars, it just makes me feel so RIGHT.

Nosy Witch Questions: The Hierophant

Nosy Witch Questions (2)

The Hierophant: Best advice you’ve ever received from a witch?

That I was a witch.  I know it sounds a little bit silly and redundant, but seriously.  I went to a gathering of witches that I was invited to along with my wife.  And I went, sort of thinking, okay, they invited Wife because she’s a “Real Witch” and I get to come along too because I’m a little bit witchy too.  But I didn’t believe in myself as a capital letter “W” witch.  I didn’t really feel like I was in the same league as everyone else.

Hello, Impostor Syndrome, the annoying roommate of my entire life who never washes the dishes, steals my food, and doesn’t pay rent.  Would that I could serve you an eviction notice for good.

But a wise witch friend told me that I was absolutely supposed to be there and that I was just as much a witch as anyone else there.  And it stuck.  And I was a witch then and have continued to be.  It helped me to realize that I didn’t need some kind of authority to wave a wander over my head or give me a certificate to be what I knew I was.  Only I could do that.

And it doesn’t matter that my practice isn’t perfect.  That I don’t manage to do some big ritual for every sabbat and esbat or that I don’t manage to do my Tarot daily draw every day.  No one is perfect and being a witch doesn’t mean that I have to be perfect.  I’m still human and I’m allowed to practice however it works for me.  Now, this doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t strive to keep improving (note to self, daily draw, right after this post!  😉 ).  But it means that I can be a work in progress and still be a witch.

And so can you. ❤



Nosy Witch Questions: The Emperor

Nosy Witch Questions (2)

The Emperor: Favorite place to practice your craft?

At home for the most part.  I like peace and quiet and privacy when I practice.  Whether it’s reading tarot cards, setting intentions, or spinning/knitting/creating magical things I love to be in my studio.  I’ve got all the materials I like to use close at hand and an electric kettle for a cup of tea when I need a boost.


My second favorite place it around a campfire.  I love campfires in that primal instinctual way that humans have always gathered around a fire.  I love to build campfires and take pride in laying and lighting a good fire.  There’s a special kind of energy around a crackling fire or a cozy hearth that you can’t find anywhere else.  Part of that is the Girl Scout in me and all those years of learning to light one match fires.  You were the Most Awesome if you could start your campfire using only one match.



Nosy Witch Questions: Empress

Nosy Witch Questions (2)The Empress: Favorite time to practice your craft?

I practice mostly solo, but also love practicing with a group of trusted awesome witches and we can be part of a big communal working.  I don’t get to do that very often because I’m a huge introvert and it takes a lot for me to become close enough to other people to trust them enough to be open hearted around them.  Although I don’t consider myself a Wiccan, I love their phrase “In perfect love and perfect trust”.  I need to feel that in a group before I can be my most authentic witchy self.

To me, in perfect love and perfect trust means a safe space.  It aligns so well with my socially conscious goals as well.  I want my blog, my readings, my practice, and my life to be a safe space for other people, especially those who have been traditionally marginalized.  When I’m in that kind of space anything seems possible.

As far as time of day, I don’t have any particular time or routine for practice, it just ebbs and flows and I work when the spirit moves me.


Nosy Witch Questions: The High Priestess

Nosy Witch Questions (2)The High Priestess: How did you first discover your path?

That is an excellent question.  I’m not a hundred percent certain, discovering my path has been an evolving slow path of discovery over time.  And I expect that it will continue to be an evolving thing as I continue to grow and change.  My path is a meandering one and I can’t see around all the corners, and I’m happy with that.  It’s kind of like how my Tarot style isn’t predictive.  I don’t think I can see the future, but I definitely think we can get insight on what’s happening with ourselves in this current moment and how to take control of our destiny and help create our futures.

I was raised sort of generically Protestant, we would go to church on Christmas and Easter with the occasional detour to church on other random Sundays as well.  I went to a few assorted Sunday school programs, nothing too memorable.  And I had a youth group for… I don’t know maybe a few months?  Nothing that ever super impressed me.  When I got to college I started learning about other options, like agnosticism, and atheism, and paganism, and just about every other-ism there is.

I don’t really remember when pagan-y witchy stuff just clicked into place, but I like it.  I like the Wheel of the Year, I like the way we follow the rhythm of the seasons and I love Goddess thing just feels comfortable.

In my day job I’m a librarian and I love to do background reading.  At first it sort of drove me nuts that there wasn’t a central authoritative text that I could read and know everything I wanted.  So I read every book and website I could find, and you’ll recall the librarian thing, that means I found a LOT.  And I’m still finding witchy books that I haven’t read yet.  I haven’t yet read all of the ‘classical’ texts yet even.

It’s like that with Tarot (and with most things I get interested in).  I want to do all the background reading.  I think the best way to learn about something is to get a huge variety of thoughts and teachings on it.  No one person is going to have all the answers, and I’d be seriously wary of anyone who claims to.

These days I consider myself a pagany witch. I feel moved out in Nature or when I’m seeing people support and encourage each other.  I think we can find the divine in each other and in nature when we’re paying attention. I feel honored when people trust me enough to ask me to read for them and allow me to help them in finding their way on their paths.  It’s a responsibility that I take very seriously and I find it amazing to be a part of.

So that’s my path, so to speak, an evolving winding path that I keep discovering new parts of.  I’d be happy to help you take steps to find or move forward on yours.

Nosy Witch Questions: The Magician

Nosy Witch Questions (2)The Magician: Do you practice white magic, black magic, both or neither?

That’s a slightly problematic distinction, it ties too much into the white = good and black = bad thing and I try to reject that when I notice it because I don’t want to be supporting the perpetuation of racist dichotomies.  However, I will say that I focus on protection, healing, boundary setting and keeping and less on the hexing and binding side.  That’s in large part due to the traditions and culture of witchcraft I started learning.  I am casting no aspersions on my fellow witches who came up through different traditions than I did.  My witch craft is no better or worse than other witches.  And I have nothing but respect for other crafty folks.  You do you.

The aim of my practice is to help, I don’t call myself a healer because I don’t yet feel qualified to assume that title, but I want my work to be in helping people to be better and do better.  That’s why I always say that my goal in giving you a Tarot reading is that I want you to leave feeling more empowered then before you came to me.  I want you to leave feeling like you have agency in shaping your own life and that even in the really tough shitty stuff, there are things that you can do to empower yourself.

I’m working on this exercise wherein I envision my dream client and work towards serving them and I would love to work with activists who are supporting socially just causes.  I want to work with queer folks who need guidance to get through the shit that the world heaps on our doorsteps.  I want to work with people who feel lost and need a little help to sift through the complicated stuff that life brings us.

There’s a quote from Mr. Rogers that I love:

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” — Mister Rogers

I want to help the helpers so that our activists can keep on going when it gets rough.  I want to help people do that self care that is so important.

And if I had to pick a color… I would tell you that I practice rainbow magic.  Because I’m cheeky like that.


Weekly Readings


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In time for spring, a home renewal spell.

Today I planted some lavender that a friend bought for me.  It’s a little EcoCube planter and it’s adorable!  I’m going to grow it in the cube until it gets big enough and then plant it in my garden outside.

How to Love Yourself When Things Get Crazy.

Love this one: Can I be a Witch without Tools?  Spoilers: Yes.  Tools are just tools, they can be helpers but you can work without them.  I’m a huge proponent of witchcraft being accessible to everyone.

From Offbeat Home: An essay on “Bad Moms” and a great reminder to support the moms in your lives.

 New podcast I just started listening to: Nancy by Kathy Tu and Tobin Low.  About the show: BFFs Kathy Tu and Tobin Low are super queer, super fun and ready to take over your podcast feed. Join them for provocative stories and frank conversations about the LGBTQ experience today. Because everyone’s a little bit gay…

Little Fox Tarot proposes a Tarot Oath – and I’m down with that 🙂

How do you know if a Tarot reader is the right one for you: a guide from coming out Tarot.

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Another reason to love the Fearless Girl Statue.

A beautiful post from the hilarious Bloggess about chronic illness and going home again.  If you don’t already follow her blog, do yourself a favor and follow her.  Also go buy her books, especially Let’s Pretend this Never Happened  And thank me later when your sides are aching from too much laughing.

And I’m so behind the curve on this but I finally subscribed to Tarot Bytes by Theresa Reed, the Tarot Lady.  And firstly, she freaking rocks, and secondly the podcast is great even if you’re not a newbie.  And SUPER fantastic if you are a newbie to Tarot.  Thanks Theresa!

Also from the Tarot Lady: an Interview with Cassandra Snow – author of the Queering the Tarot series.  Great reading and fantastic advice to prospective clients and other readers.

Maybe you are wearing the right bra size after all.  A lovely essay about inclusivity and undergarments.
“This proved one thing to me: The exclusion of nudes for women of color and the refusal to stock packing briefs and binders and trans-friendly fitting expertise was purposeful.
I say “purposeful” because exclusivity is a choice; it is always a choice. Silence is a choice. Doing nothing is a choice. It’s 2017, and even if it was 1952, excluding inclusive options for LGBTQIA+ folks and women of color would still be a choice.”

Loved this: Little Fox Tarot shared Q is for Queer.  A short piece about queerness in tarot reading.  I agree with her thoughts here.  Get comfy with us queers, we’re not going anywhere.

A wonderful article from Autostraddle about tabletop gaming and D&D.  I puffy heart love playing tabletop games with my friends and I recently started being a DM myself.  I can confirm, it is awesome. 🙂

What I’m reading: all the quilting books I can cram down my gullet.
What I’m eating: lots of this mexican quinoa salad that I made for game night last week.
What I’m knitting:  rainbow scrappy socks!  And a giant slanket (that’s a shawl/blanket mix)

Nosy Witch Questions: The Fool

Nosy Witch Questions (2) The Fool: Do you practice witchcraft openly or in secret?

I would describe my practice of witchcraft as open but not loud.  I’m an introvert and so my witchcraft (and tarot) practice is quiet but not at all in the closet.  It pretty closely mirrors my gayness when I think about it.  I am out to all my friends, family, and colleagues.  I have (lots of) pictures of my wife on my desk at work and I talk about her without hesitating in all but the most dangerous of situations.  I’m not about to head to a Trump rally and shout about being gay, I value my life, thanks!

I don’t wear all black and bedeck myself with pentacles, not that there’s anything at all mewrong with that, I know some witches who rock that look and more power to them, it’s lovely.  But it isn’t my witchy look.  If I’m being completely honest here, my witchy day-to-day aesthetic is a pair of comfy jeans and a nice shirt, a piece of knitwear, and a few pieces of jewelry if I’m not being completely lazy.  And two of those jewelry pieces are my medic alert bracelet and my wedding ring, which I would actually consider to be magical pieces of jewelry.  The medic alert bracelet is a protection spell.  Think about it.  It’s a talisman that I wear in case I am in need of help that can get me the care that I need.  It’s also a physical reminder to take care of myself and make the right choices to nourish my body.  And wedding rings are powerful magic in and of themselves as a symbol and as a piece of metal that I carry with me everywhere that reminds me of my love.  Mine is the simplest plain gold band that you’ll ever see but it is my favorite piece of jewelry.

If you come to my house one of the first pieces of art that you see is a little sign that says 30205042951_fb6e186e11_z“Stay for a Spell”.  I have a miniature altar over my stove, one in the bathroom, and half of my studio is my tarot working space.  We have witch related art on our walls.  A friend of ours has a lovely collection of happy witches, and I love that aesthetic.

I’ve read Tarot for my friends and some of my family.  The other parts of the family aren’t super interested in Tarot or else I’d have read for all of them.  I’ve gone back and forth over the years as to which flavor of witch I think that I am and I’ve sort of settled on no specific kind.  Well, other than Wooly ;).  I freely wander into the Solitary, Kitchen, Hearth, and Green Witch realms.  I like using crystals and candles and you’d be hard pressed to find a working of mine without some lavender in it.  I love representations of the Goddess and my practice is Goddess-centric, leaning a little more heavily into the Greek pantheons, but I’d love to broaden that.

I believe that spirituality and practice need to be about what works for you.  Like my favorite yoga teacher always says, “If it hurts, don’t do it.”  If it doesn’t work for you, don’t do it.  Your practice of spirituality has to work to guide you and if you feel like you’re just going through motions and mumbling magic words, it’s not going to do squat for you.  I struggled a great deal in my early days with spells that rhymed.  They drove me insane and I would chafe against them because they felt idiotic to me, more like some little kid playing at being a witch than some powerful magic worker.  And so I stopped trying to use them and I felt so much more centered and connected when I stopped trying to force things.

So, that’s me.  Out and proud, but not shouting at people on the sidewalk.  We have a rainbow flag in front of our house that we started flying after the election and I’m happy with our level of sound in our community.

But I do love me a witch hat!