Tarot Code of Ethics

My Reading Style

I am an intuitive Tarot reader.  You can expect a creative, intuitive, magical reading of the cards.  I am, as it says in the name of the site, a queer witch inclined person and you’ll see those values come through in the way I read the cards.


I will not share your reading with anyone without explicit permission to do so.  My only exceptions to this rule are situations where you express the intent to harm yourself or others.  Under that circumstances, I am obliged to report this to the relevant authorities.


This is a safe space.  As a queer person I recognize that identities are fluid and I want everyone to feel welcome here no matter how you identify.  I strive to be an open and affirming reader and to use gender neutral language in my readings wherever possible.  I can also use any pronouns that are correct for you if you let me know which ones you use.  I also openly welcome feedback if I’m falling short in these areas, I firmly believe there is always more to learn.  

I treat all my clients with equal respect, regardless of their origin, race, religion, gender, gender expression, age, or sexual preference/identity/expression.  GLBTQA+ clients are absolutely welcomed and encouraged!


My readings are meant to be constructive.  I read to empower you.

I believe that every person has free will.  My readings and suggestions are only suggestions.  Any actions that you take or do not take are up to you.  You can and should interpret my words how you choose.  I encourage you to listen to your own intuition, wisdom, and life experience to make the right choice for yourself.

You are responsible for your actions following your Tarot reading.

Client’s Rights

I will serve the best interests of my clients, conducting my professional activities without causing or intending to cause harm.

I will respect your right to refuse or terminate their reading at any time, regardless of prior consent.

I will be honest about what I see, and I will also be polite, open, and practice kindness and compassion with you.  I like to remind you that even the ‘scary’ cards (Death, The Devil, The Tower) can be read in many ways.  My goal is for you to leave feeling empowered and informed.


I do not predict the future.  I can read about the path you are on and where it may be leading.  But only you can determine where you will continue to go after your reading.

I retain the right to refuse a reading not adhering to my code of ethics.  If a refusal is made and the client has already paid, a full refund will be provided.  

I cannot give financial, medical, or legal advice as I am not qualified to do so.  I will refer you elsewhere as I am able.

I can only read for querents who are 18+, sorry to those of you who are younger.

I will not answer questions that I do not believe I am capable of answering.  But if it is possible to rephrase a question into one that I believe I can answer, I will help you to do so.

I will not read for a third party.  I can read only for the person requesting the reading, I may be able to offer insight into how a third party’s actions may impact you, but for personal privacy and ethical reasons, I will not give a reading about someone else not the client.